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Mirena Coil has come out!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by surf kitty too, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    Period started last friday. By day 6 getting fed up, not usually this long.
    Day 6, evening, sudden flooding.
    Day 7, changing towels every hour.
    Night - horrendous cramps, clots, up every hour to change.
    Morning (today) - still loads of clots, then the coil itself. Still bleeding very heavily.
    Feel totally drained, pains, washed out.
    Have a doctors appt for monday, but should I call for emergency doctor??
  2. Ring NHS direct . Don't know the number. If it were me I'd make sure I was checked out today!


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    It would be sensible to get advice to put your mind at rest, if nothing else. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. *Faints*

    I agree - ring NHS Direct!
  5. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    I called the out-of-hours Doc.
    Told me that Monday is okay to be checked out, but in meantime, plenty of rest, fluids etc. She said the coil had prob caused damage on its 'way out' so to speak, hence all the bleeding, and if it had been out of place for a period of time,there would be a big build up behind it. All a bit gross, so sorry about that, but hopefully on the mend now although still in pain.
    Haven't been able to leave the house (in case of floods!), but a very nice friend went to Tesco for me to replenish my supplies [​IMG]
  6. Any explanation as to why it decided to pack its bags? Needed a bigger place? Somewhere sunnier?
  7. It may be of little consolation now, but both the Mirenas I had years ago, decided to go into hiding-I had to have surgery (complete with general anaesthetic) both times to get them removed !
  8. I had mine put in 3 years ago and seen height nor hair of it since, I am assuming it is still in there somewhere!!!
  9. The old wives' remedy for any kind of heavy bleed is to soak in a warm bath with some antiseptic. My granny's favourite was dettol-she had a hysterectomy at 74 and went back to work & didn't retire until she was 77 so it worked for her.
    If you feel like trying that and have no antiseptic in then the other option is a heaped tablespoon of salt dissolved in the water.

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