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Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by irnbru2, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. irnbru2

    irnbru2 New commenter

  2. irnbru2

    irnbru2 New commenter

  3. Ah, old Ray has been outed to the general public!
    Interesting that he hasn't been so vociferous since his Dr Who-like morphing.
  4. Minivan will continue to debate with you, bj, especially when you try to bully applicants to ITE by posing aggressive rhetorical questions and make statements designed to suggest you know everything but actually know very little, and that being based on conversations in pubs.
    It is inappropriate for minivan's daytime ego to "be so vociferous", since he has been asked to give advice and develop the forums in a formal capacity. Funnily enough, I've just been listening to a Radio 4 piece on the anonymity of buyer-bullying. Minivan is not ashamed of honesty: do we know you, bj?
    Besides, it is a sad day when a forum supposedly intent on discussing education matters is hijacked by posters who are more obsessed with "outing" others they disagree with.
  5. sorry, that should be cyber-bullying.
  6. So, Ray, asking rhetorical questions equates to bullying does it? Do you not remember that you, not I, were banned from this very forum for bullying? Do you not remember that it was you that was banned for breaking the terms and conditions of this forum? How p!ssed are you when I ask rhetorical questions?
    PS Anyone reading this should take a look at the Prospective Student Teachers Forum and despair about the future quality of teachers in this country, some are soooo excited about getting an interview, some don't even have an Int2 Maths qualification eyt want to teach children how to count when they can't do it themselves. Time to demand a Masters for all teaching entrants maybe?
    Is that you attempting to slag me because I spoke to your boss - a neighbour of mine - in the Three Craws? Go on, reply sarcastically with something about "neighbour", you know you want to.
    No, we don't know me, do we? I listened to the same piece on Radio 4, btw, Your point, caller?
    I have never claimed to know everything, whereas you do this with almost every post.
    I did not oust you, a troll did. But, I've known of you for a few years now - I know some of your colleagues as I've mentioned in the past.
    Most topics I've posted on have been education-related, whereas Raymond has been psychologically obsessed with posters who disagree with him and don't give him the cyber-respect he thinks he deserves. Pompous is how I described you a few years ago and that remains the best description of you.
    MiniRay, you won't continue to debate with me, you never have done, you've always been looking to point-score over me and you have failed repeatedly time after time.
    End of.
  7. PS anyone reading this should look at the above quote, in which a poster who cannot adequately punctuate a sentence without the comma splice vitriolically and bullyingly slags off those who wish to commit themselves to teaching, just because "eyt" aren't suitably qualified in his opinion.
    Your posts are really losing it, bj. Rhetorical questions most certainly can be aggressive, as your post shows - EIGHT of them in the diatribe above. And I have the greatest respect for your neighbour, who is my former boss: I just have no respect for you for thinking that recounting a conversation in the pub with him will win you an argument, or that mentioning you are acquainted with him will intimidate me.
    I seem to bring out the very worst in you.
  8. Is there not a comma missing after poster and/or splice?
    Sorry Ray coudn't resist.
    Prenthetical pedants r us .co.uk
  9. Oops its a malaise that's spreading: parenthetical (made up word spelt wrongly tut tut tut...)
  10. Raymond, rhetorical questions seem to bring out the very worst in you, you really should try to get a grip on your emotions, and try to be a tad more professional! Add that to your ever-growing list of CPD to-does.
    Raymond, you've fallen into one of my traps yet again. I didn't count the number of rhet quests in my previous post, but I knew, I just knew, like Kevin Keegan's rant against Alex Ferguson all those years ago, that you would despair of it. And you did! Hooked, lined and sunk!
    Anyhoo, "Now That's What I Call a Typo". It is interesting that Raymond pulls me up for a typo on an informal forum. In doing this Raymond was using a crude diversionary tactic from the points I made wrt prospective teachers becoming childishly excited about having an interview and many of them being deficient in basic Maths and I made this sentence deliberately stoopid because it also seems to bring out the very worst in you and you didn't pull up any of your potential students for similarly poor English/grammar/spelling!
    I speak to Ian all the time btw, sometimes in the pub, sometimes not. I wouldn't call him a mate but we are on talking terms and it is notable that you didn't diss his opinions (anecdotal, remember, with no research evidence to back them up), but then again, you wouldn't, would you? As for winning arguments, who said that?!
    My posts losing it yes they soon will be (see, no punctuation again). Raymond, your posts lost it a long time ago. I mean, Raymond, just look at that thread given in the op - don't you get fed up offending people, don't you get fed up apologising? Don't you get fed up being banned Raymond? Or do you feel ultra-confident that you can get away with it now you are an integral part of TES?
    Raymond, you are a brilliant laugh and great fun. I will continue to visit these forums for your entertainment value alone. However, I fear the time is too late for you to claim victory over me in any of our arguments we've had over the years. Good tries, but if you've not done it by now then you never will.
    Fellow posters: I apologise for boring you again with another of my little PMs with Raymond. I am sure that now he's been publicly outed he'll be a lot more tolerant of other people's opinions.
    Feel free to have the last word, and to make a despairing example of me when you lecture your students! It's good to talk!
  11. Actually, st joe, there is no need for a parenthetical comma in the pace you suggest. I could have used one, and it would have been just as correct to do so, but didn't need to given my intended meaning.
  12. For the above, substitute "See, you fell into my trap, I only ever PRETEND to be insane and obsessed!!!!""
  13. No Ray I think there should have been commas to make the impact you intended. However it is all about opinions on here. To be honest I was trying to distract you a little from the personality driven tussle you have with Big J. There are far bigger battles to fight. See the postings on the cosla proposals...
  14. No, st joe, I chose not to use commas, and the sentence is absolutely fine without them: I did not want the adjectival phrase to be parenthetical, and the sentence is perfectly constructed - as it would also have been if it had been constructed your way.
    As for my tussle with bj - well, I can't help the way he goes off like a firework every time he sees a thread dedicated to me...
  15. I do not intend to get involved in this, but can you not see how this reply seems a little egotistical, to an outside observer, Ray?
  16. Dunno what you mean. A thread was posted using my name as a title and posting some sort of link. Bj investigated it and posted a rant (oh, sorry, he NEVER rants). In what way am I being egotistical when the fact is some posters prefer to discuss me than the difficult educational issues you'd rightly much rather they concentrated on?

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