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Minimum Time to HT?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by tall_guy, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. How long minimum until I could become a headteacher. Just going to start NQT in September. Im Not Naive, had loads of experience in schools - ECM, 14-19 Changes, Imclusion etc
  2. How long minimum until I could become a headteacher. Just going to start NQT in September. Im Not Naive, had loads of experience in schools - ECM, 14-19 Changes, Imclusion etc
  3. 8 years and 2 terms. Minimum.
  4. Depends on primary or secondary
  5. Secondary. Why 8 Years, 2 Terms kumba-yah?
  6. I think kumah-yah was treating the post with a little contempt!

    My thought is that, as an NQT starting in September, focus should be on planning, teaching and assessing well, developing classroom skills and becoming a reflective practitioner in the classroom.

    To think of headship before an NQT year, no matter how much relevant experience will at best disgruntle all of your colleagues and at worst see you failing your NQT year. Aspiration is fine, but in my opinion,good heads who get there early are usually those who have excelled in the classroom and have demonstrated good leadership skills at all levels.
  7. I can understand your point, but i have been described as "an inspiration to the teaching profession" and being a teacher is the only job I've ever wanted to do!
  8. Why waste time bothering with NQT year|? Start applying for Headships now.
  9. I'll take that comment with a pinch of salt.
  10. But you take the point - learn to walk before you can run! Otherwise with an attitude like that you will ruffle far too many feathers and more than likely stunt your career rather than develop it!

    Just a few things you might want to learn about:

    Whole school budgeting
    Employment and personnel issues (STPCD)
    Development of leaders at all levels (NCSL)
    Building regulations (DDA, Planning permission etc)
    Development of school development planning (SIP involvement)
    Performance Management target setting and review
    FFT data
    RAISEonline analysis
    SSAT information/development
    SEF writing

    ... and yes I am being deliberately pedantic with all of the acronyms because I suspect without googling them, as a student, you are unlikely to have come across most of them.

    I am considered to be a young HT - got mine 13 years in having been Class Teacher, HoD, HoY, Assistant Head. Learn the ropes, take the opportunities to move on when you can and don't be arrogant enough to believe you can miss any of these steps out - then you might make it!
  11. Thanks for your advice madphil much appreciated. BTW I do know what some of the acronyms mean:

    STPCD - School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document
    NCSL - National College of School Leadership
    DDA - Disabled Discrimination Act
    SIP - School Improvement Plan
    SSAT - Specialist Schools and Acadmies Trust
    SEF - School Evaluation Form
    EVC - Educational Visits Coordinator

    Didnt google these!!! Whats is FFT, EVJ?
  12. Fischer Family Trust
    Educational Visits and Journeys
  13. Thanks for that. Anymore acronyms and tips??
  14. Don't worry about acronyms for the moment. Concentrate on being the best classroom teacher you can be. It's not always easy being inspirational, and I should know! How quickly you get promoted will depend on many things other than just how old/good you are.
    PS Hello Phil - always an inspiration.
  15. Thanks for that gorgybaby. What did you mean when you said "I should know"
  16. Teasing - I am very inspirational, but not ALL the time!
  17. LOL. How long you been teaching for?
  18. 17 - not a HT though.
  19. Are you a Deputy / AST?
  20. Hi Gorgy - trust you are keeping well!

    Inspiration may be desirable but is not always possible in the busyness of a school year. In addition experience tells me the higher up the greasy pole you get the less inspirational your teaching becomes because it is the one thing you can do without really thinking - whether it should be is a different matter!

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