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minimum adults on residential?

Discussion in 'School trips' started by noblesteed, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I teach at a small village primary school. I have volunteered/had my arm twisted to take our Y5/6s to an outdoor centre for a week. There are 7 pupils in total. After discussion with our PE network teacher he advised me that at least 2 adults would be required to take even 7 pupils. This is because the outdoor centre do not provide instructors during the evening, so the adults from our school will take sole responsibility for the pupils during this time. This will be difficult for one adult to do alone in case of accidents, injuries, never mind needing to go to the loo, phoning home, having a shower etc!!!!! I discussed this with my Head who rang the outdoor centre. They said as our group was small we were only entitled to one free adult place and school would have to pay for any additional adults UNLESS any child has medical needs. The Head said as one child has medical needs I can take one of the TAs with me. However if this particular child decides not to go, I will have to take 6 on my own.
    I am inclined to refuse to go alone. Doesn't this leave me open to all kinds of litigation issues? Or should I be OK? Help!!!!!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    You can't take 6 on your own. Minimum number of staff must be 2. What if you were ill? Who would look after the kids until either you got better or a replacement could arrive? If a child is ill you will need to look after him/her, who is minding the rest? Plus a male/female staff mix is a good thing as well. If te HT wants the trip to go and you can't wangle another free place then he will need to man up and pay for the extra adult.
  3. The local authority, who have to be notified for any residential trip will not allow only one member of staff to go on a residential. If a child is unwell during the night you cannot be expected to look after them during the day. All residential trips have to be passed by the LA and your governing body need to be informed as well and I doubt if they would sign off the trip.

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