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Minimim requirements - school time

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by James_Williams, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. If you are on a PGCE secondary course the minimum requirement fopr school attendance is 120 days. Yes universities do build in a little slack to cover for the odd day here and there for colds etc. But you will probably have to apply for time off for other events. This would be at the discretion of the university and school and may mean having to do extra time if it is granted as the 120 days is not a university rule but statutory time set by the TDA. Universioties have noi discretion to vary this unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. you were 2 days short of 120 days at the end of the programme, but all the standards had been met in full and there were no issues surrounding your ability to meet QTS. In such a case, if the 2 days off was due to unavoidable illness they MAY not make you do the extra 2 days.
    There is no time requyirement for you to start a teaching job after hgaining QTS, but cleraly the longer you wait without any relevant experience the more difficult getting the job will be. It may well be that you would have to think about voluntary work/experience to get yourself back up to speed or attending a return to teaching post (if they exist in the future) to make sure that employers have the confidence that you can still meet the standards - remember also that between now and 5 years it is liukely that the standatrds for QTS will change as the gov. looks to reform ITT. That may also chance the situation and employers may feel that although you met the old standards, they would be unable to determine whether or not you meet any new ones as you lack work experience.
  2. Thank you to everybody that replied.
    I was of course going to ask the University for permission, but wanted to know the technical requirements before doing so.... At this moment in time I do not foresee any issues about not meeting the standards. I know that this will depend very much on my second placement, but first placement seemed to go very well.
    It is nice to know that there are no official limits, but equally acknowledge that the longer gap there is the harder it will be to get that job - especially when competing with others with more experience or those fresh out of ITT. I hadn't heard of the return to teaching courses, and agree it may make sense to look into them!
    Thanks again!

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