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minibeast topic - role play area ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by blue123, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Doing mini beast topic need exciting ideas for role play I have

    flower shop

    Please help xx
  2. Doing mini beast topic need exciting ideas for role play I have

    flower shop

    Please help xx
  3. I did mini-beasts a couple of weeks ago. How about using a tuff spot to put plastic mini-beasts in with some logs, sticks, leaves etc. or even better go on a mini-beast hunt and use what you find to put in the tuff spot. magnifying glasses can be placed around them to encourage discovery.
  4. i did mini-beasts. We went on a walk and collected them then put them in the role play area for children to look at. they could draw them
  5. sorry, haven't come up with an idea but just wanted to ask how collecting minibeasts and drawing them counts as role play?
  6. we used water tray with lots of coloured shredded paper in it and then we hid plastic mini beasts in it such as ladybirds spiders, beetles etc and we gave them magnifying glasses and bug hunting equipment to use great fun.
  7. by allowing the child to have real life experience, learning to look after them.
  8. Last year I was stumped for minibeast role-play so decided on a minibeast explorers! I pitched a little tent in the classroom and added camping stuff such as blanket, pillow, torch, rucksack. I then added the minibeast element with plastic minibeasts, clip board, magnifying glass, viewer, tape measure etc. The children loved it!
  9. post 7 - sounds lovely

    I have though of a butterfly farm??

  10. How about a mini beast cafe? I did it while on placement for my PGCE. Children make salt dough food, ie spider burgers, worm spaghetti, snail pastries, cockroach crisps etc. They can then make menus, recipe cards etc.
  11. I'm doin minibeast topic next week, the tuff spot idea from above with clipboards, pencils, ********** minibeast words laminated and magnifying glasses,situated next to my role play, a woodland forest/camping:

    Tent, Camouflage Net, forest animals (stuffed) Hats, Bags, Rucksacks, maps, binoculars, sunglasses, sunhats, drapes, torches, sleeping bag, travel rug, stove or BBQ (real or pretend), folding stools, camping table, cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery, washing up bowl, water carrier, bobble hats and wellington boots, map, tree,
    Hanging rail (decorated with greenery)
    String tied from hanging rail to art trolley with hanging camouflage net
  12. We're doing a bug lab role play, with laptops, microscopes, bug catchers, nets, lab coats (white shirts) goggles, magnifiers, clipboards, photos of bugs & vocab, a map of the outdoor area for putting colour coded stickers on to show where they found each type of bug etc. There will also be trays of soil and other habitats to view the creatures they find for a while before releasing them. Hope that gets you started.
  13. Grolta

    Grolta New commenter

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