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minibeast role play area-any ideas?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cariad2, May 23, 2008.

  1. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Try doing a search in this forum. A lot of people have had minibeasts as their topic this half-term, so there were threads about it a little while ago. There are also some photos of minibeast role play areas on **********.
  2. hi,
    in our minibeast role play area, we had:
    lots of green material and crepe paper hanging from the ceiling,
    paper mache minibeasts hanging from the ceiling and some on the floor,
    egg box spiders and lots of webs,
    3d tree trunks with minibeasts (that the children had made)crawling up,
    green material and shredded green paper on the floor to resemble grass (yes this is quite messy),
    a small tunnel for the children to crawl through (from our outdoor playground),
    minibeast masks (i'm sure there are some on **********),
    also some sets of wings and other minibeast costumes for children to dress up in,
    minibeast books- both fiction and non fiction,
    binoculars and magnifying glasses,
    minibeast fact sheets and recording sheets for the children to fill out in the role play area,
    sorting trays with minibeasts in,
    a tank with real minibeasts in (children would usually find them from outside and we would usually put them into the tank for the day then release them at the end of the day, but be careful which minibeasts you put together!)
    lots of plastic minibeasts,
    minibeast number and alphabet displayed around the role play area,
    real plants on the side.

    we were following the children's interest as we found that alot of them were interested in the minibeasts outside. so the role play area helped the children to investigate and explore:

    where we would find minibeasts eg. under pots/in the soil/on the plants etc (this is why we had the tunnel, pots and 'grass' in the role play area)

    what they would eat eg. plants/other insects (hence why we had plants and other plastic minibeasts)

    how the minibeasts move eg. fly, slither, crawl (this is why we had the masks and costumes)

    sorting trays and minibeast cards were there so that children could sort and classify as to whether the minibeast had legs/wings/antennae etc

    binoculars and magnifying glasses so that the children could closely examine the minibeasts outside

    all of this was to further develop their interest and knowledge of minibeasts (which it most definitely did)

    we regularly took photos of minibeasts that the children had found outside and displayed them in the role play area. again this was really exciting and interesting for them to see as the children were then able to tell us about the photo and where they found the minibeast.

    hope that makes sense
  3. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    Those resources look great! How useable do you think they are with an FS1 class - some very bright children!

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