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Mini orange pointy peppers

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by anon3372, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. I have just bought a basket of these as they were on special offer.
    They are quite tiddly - about the length of my middle finger (I have tiny hands - ermm, so about 5 cms???) but quite wide in girth (ooooo errrrr)
    I fancy filling them, as they are so pretty, rather than just chopping them up.
    What would you suggest? Something yummy but not too fiddly? And something more exciting than cream cheese!

  2. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    breadcrumb/garlic/herb mix?

  3. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

  4. Weeeeeeeeeeellllllllll, I have kept your lovely ideas, as I still have a fair few peppers left.
    However, typical me, I did something totally different.
    I dry roasted some cracked spelt, added some veg stock, some sliced mono garlic (do you have this? these are single, huge, garlic cloves, much tastier than the normal ones with dozens of individual cloves) and some sage (cos I fancied sage), allowed to thicken with no more heat.
    Mixed in some crumbled feta cheese.
    Popped a few sunflower seeds over the top and grilled for a few minutes (the peppers are so small, that was enough).


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