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mini beast hunt advice

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clawdeer, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. clawdeer

    clawdeer New commenter

    i will be doing a minibeast hunt with my reception class in a weeks time and am being observed by fs co-ord and the head...any top tips?
    I am thinking of hiding laminated photos of mini beasts outside, so it is a treasure hunt style, and giving them all maps of outside with a tick/tally box. its a mixed ability whole class situation, and they will have just sat on the carpet for registration and phonics first...the only remit i've been given is "to see how it works in reception".
  2. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    I did a minibeast hunt recently.We had read a book which informed us where different types of minibeasts are usually found (e.g. under logs/in the air). I told the children they were going to be minibeast detectives and had to try and find minibeasts outside, thinking about where they might find them.
    I made little flags by sticking labelled pictures of various minibeasts onto wooden dowels, then we went outside. I gave the children a flag (it worked well with a pair of children to one flag) and they had to search for the minibeast on their flag.
    They were really enthusiastic and were very pleased when they found a minibeast and could stick their flag into the ground. (We didn't find some and discussed why, such as slugs aren't out because it was a hot, dry day).
    A good way to record their findings is to take photos which can later be viewed on the IWB and discussed.
    I suppose this will only work if you have an outdoor area with logs/bushes etc. We were quite lucky on the day and found ants, spiders, snails, ladybirds, woodlice, bees, flies and even a butterfly!
    Good luck with the observation.
  3. clawdeer

    clawdeer New commenter

    brilliant, i will definitely incorporate some of these ideas, we have a fab outdoors, and we have some newly purchased kiddizoom cameras...i like the sound of it all thank you.

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