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Discussion in 'Personal' started by florapost, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. anyone else get their milk from milkandmore? how is it for you (i ask as one - pathetic i know - who has been reduced to tears by them today)
  2. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

  3. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I'm intriged too.
  4. We have our milk from them and have done since they went from dairy crest (We've always had a milkman since we got married 32 years ago). We haven't really had too much of a problem but it's a bit of a pain canceling the milk when we go away as you have to do it online (as opposed to just leaving a note in a milk bottle as previous), also I miss talking to the milkman when he called for his money (we now pay by direct debit). What problems have you had?

  5. We had a very reliable milkman for many years but when ill health forced him into retirement his rounds were taken over by Dairycrest who then turned into Milk and More. They missed deliveries some weeks but then delivered when we had cancelled for holidays. It took several phone calls before they heeded our request to cancel - I couldn't access the local contact and had to get very stern with the person I spoke to before they would cancel it for us as they kept trying to tell me to phone the number that was never answered.
  6. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    I had been generally happy with the Milk&More service, but am getting more disillusioned with it. My previous milkman (for 25years) couldn't cope with the computerised system - I still had to leave him notes, but he did deliver the milk 5 days a week before 6 am each day. Unfortunately he retired, the new one only delivers on 3 days a week, not week ends, and doesn't come until after 8, which is fine at the moment as I am off sick, but when I return next term it will be a problem. He does respond to cancellations via the computer though. On a Friday (when he still collects cash from some customers) he is so late I now get my milk with on line shopping delivery & found that this was earlier & cheaper.
  7. well - bearing in mind i'm on edge atm anyway cos of the building works next door so my sense of perspective has left home with its possessions in a knotted hanky on a stick...
    because dealing with milkandmore is a hassle (no email facility - you have to ring and do the ususal hanging-on thing), i have let go the countless occasions the milkman has substituted standard milk for our organic order (no problems with that - i'd rather have standard than been left without) but then i get charged for organic
    however - had a spate non-deliveries in december (when i was over-optimistic enough to try ordering christmas specials) - i had assumed it was because of the 'till stocks last' warning, till i got my invoice and had been charged for them. this was enough money lost to stir me to complain, but i gave up on the phones after 10 minutes or so of pachabel's canaon
    anyway, on friday, one more non-delivery, and binig at home i decided enough was enough and phoned, and whilst i was there went through everything i had not had over the past 3 months
    i then went out and came home to a message on the answering machine form the milkman indignantly claiming he had delivered everything that day (at 6.45, and we took the crate in at 7.30 - making the implication that the non-arrivles had been stolen unlikely - and besides, the previous time this had happened, i took the crate in as he was walking down the path) no answer when i rang nback - and no indication if i was ringing the local depot or a private number
    bu the point at which i really did lose (stupid i know - but as i said, nerves are on edge chez post atm) it was when the operator said 'we are trying to provide an email contact facility' like 'we are trying to get the hadron collider to produce a higgs boson particle' - how difficult is it - everyone else does it!
    then monday morning - no milk - well, whent the regular milkman is on holiday, the replacement often doesn't deliver till 10-ish - but still no milk when i come home - have i been blackballed for getting ratty? no - have to ring again - the cart wouldn't start - no email system means no way of telling us, and no, i won't get the milk the next day - that's all my problem
    silly to get worked up about - but it's the chinese water torture effect
    mr post wants to cancel the delivery completely - we do it for environmental rather than convenience reasons - i am not sure
  8. Our milkman is an angel, we have had our milk delivered for about 28 years and have the same milkman for about 14. He is brilliant, not only is he the milkman he knows all the local crime, he watches our house if we're away and was a massive help when an elderly man had fallen on the pavement, in the middle of the night, and was so confused he didn't know where he'd come from. (The milkman delivered to his house, was on the scene at 1.30am!!)
    I still leave notes in the bottle if I forget to cancel before 9pm; no problem.
    We have had our milk stolen on a number of occasions, the milkman says he often sees people roaming the streets in the night with a pint bottle in their hand!
    Like a previous poster I do miss our chats when I use to pay him.
    Milkandmore are the best round here!!

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