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Milk and water intake at six months

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by goonergirl2009, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Hi everyone. Charlotte is now six months old and is on three meals a day. My concern is that she has dropped her milk feeds to two a day- one in the morning and one in the evening (both breastfeeds) and does not seem to want any more. She won't drink water (warm or cool) from a cup or a bottle. Is she getting enough milk/ liquid? She used to want milk all the time, then dropped to four milk feeds a day and three meals but she definitely wants more food and less milk now! Has anyone any advice?
    Thank you!
  2. I think that babies this age should be getting about 21oz milk a day but I guess that's hard to guage if you're breastfeeding - have you spoken to your HV? Ours suggested adding more dairy into our LOs diet in the form of cheese sauces with things or fromage frais / yoghurt which can compensate for missing some milk but you need to be careful that she doesn't drop too much milk as at 6 months I think it is still their main source of nutrients.
  3. She needs about 600ml a day at the moment. Most of her nutrition should come from her milk so you need to make sure she isn't filling up too much of less nutritious things. If you don't already, offer the milk between solid meals so she isn't full or looking forward to her meal.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the water. My LO hardly drank any and I had to spoon feed it to him. Now all of a sudden he has worked out how to drink from a sippy cup by himself and drinks loads, he just wanted to do it himself. He is 7 months.
  4. beyond, why don't you try dropping the dreamfeed and see what happens? I think if she can manage to go through the night without a feed you'll have a better idea of whether she's getting enough milk/food in her during the day. I say this as it's what happened at 6 months with my LO. He dropped the DF then a few weeks later went down from 4 daytime feeds to 3 then eventually to just 2. Try not to worry though, easier said than done I know, but there are so many rules about milk/food intake I'm sure our LO's know better. Hope this helps.

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