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Might the time ever come when AI is able to detect who's evil in our society?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Duke of York, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Four of today's news items prompted this question.





    The above have variously been found guilty of murder, rape and mugging an elderly woman twice.

    I dunno about you, but whenever I see a mugshot of some evil b.astard who's been found guilty of a horrible crime, I look at their eyes and think to myself it's bleeding obvious they'd be up to no good.

    Every single time.

    In the Rotherhan abuse scandal, there wasn't one of those found guilty who had a face you'd warm to, let alone trust any more than you'd want to trust a Tory MP.

    I bet you any money you like, that artificial intelligence could pick the felons, wrongdoers, potential yardbirds and general ne'er do wells out in seconds and save hours of policework, before their crimes were committed.

    Is it only the fear that too many Tory MPs might end up getting arrested that prevents such a technology being used by the police?
  2. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

  3. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    Hasn't this been done before... in the late 1800's? I'm wanting to say Lombroso. I'm sure someone with a greater depth of knowledge can fill in the rest.

    Spirit - great on knowing little bits of ****. Available for quiz teams.
  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Yup. Cesare Lombroso is the man you want.
  5. --Badger--

    --Badger-- Occasional commenter

    3 of these look like members of my SLT so you might be right.
    Duke of York likes this.
  6. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Yes, in every single one of the Enid Blyton mystery books, where the criminal was outed already from their first encounter with the children, because of "thin lips and eyebrows that met in the middle".
    Extra crim points for "scar" and "gruff voice".

    Later still, of course was the science of Scooby Doo. Criminals additionally identifiable by "drawn stooping and with a very jagged outline". So clever. Just like real actual criminals.
  7. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Wouldn't EVERYONE look awful on certain types of photos?
    towncryer, nizebaby and needabreak like this.
  8. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    Which is why we can all spot a 'wrong un'
  9. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

  10. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Or, as Evan Hunter said, all criminals had to be WASPs as one point. Blyton did challenge some stereotypes, as a friend of mine from a Romany background pointed out, but the idea of physical appearance matching 'moral goodness' has been about for some time. I'd imagine most of us wouldn't look very appealing after being in prison, with no access to our normal cosmetics/food/bed/shower/mirror etc.
  11. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I agree. I think they mainly looked p****d off that they have been caught!!
  12. nizebaby

    nizebaby Star commenter

    Dead eyes and thick as pig sh*t is the usual look. Very depressing.
  13. Ivartheboneless

    Ivartheboneless Star commenter

    Surely most of the Tory cabinet would fit in with this lot, including "Dead Eye" Johnson and supercreep Gove?
  14. LondonCanary

    LondonCanary Star commenter

    What was it about them that you didn't like?
  15. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Ai spotting ''evil'' on the basis of pre-assigned stereotypical traits?

    Oh, I can't see that being an utter disaster...
  16. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Eyebrows that meet in the middle. mmm ... that could save a lot of court time. upload_2019-11-13_9-44-35.jpeg
    towncryer likes this.
  17. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    I can see it being a good movie though. Minority Report 2? Or used in a TV series.
  18. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Whole new meaning to ''your face doesn't fit"

    Here, you, you look a bit like those child killers... you're scum! Scccuuuuuum!

    Yeah this sounds a real good future.
    towncryer likes this.
  19. Bedlam3

    Bedlam3 Star commenter

    My grandad used to say... You can tell a murderer because the tops of their ears are higher than their eyebrows. No idea where he got that one from but I bet your all feeling to see where the tops of your ears are in relation to your eyebrows!
  20. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    So all elves and Mr Spock...

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