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Midwife appointment in the school day!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by peapod43, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Apologies if this has already been covered on here but my midwife appointment is during the school day but I really don't want work to know that I am pregnant just yet. How have others approached this? I teach secondary and cover isn't usually an issue but I don't fancy losing out on a couple of hours pay if I say it is a nomal appointment. Do we have to get paid time out for general medical appointments if I say it is this? Thanks in advance x
  2. I just said it was a medical appointment that I was given and I was unable to change the time. I then said what time I'd leave, when I'd be back (first app usually lasts quite a while) and said I'd set cover for the missed classes. I apologised for any inconvenience caused but that I would try to do my best to limit disruption.
    Headteacher didn't bat an eyelid; said it was fine. Bear in mind, they probably get quite a few requests for time off for doctors/dentists especially if in a large school. You've not told any lies by saying medical appointment and I always vowed that if my (male) head asked any further questions, I'd say it was a smear! (OK, that would be a lie, but I'd love to have seen his face!).
    I didn;t get any docked paid by the way.
  3. You could say its for a blood test. My doctors only do them in the morning. Either that or do a sickie!
  4. If it's for your booking in appointment, mine took almost 2 hours so with travel on top you might be out of school for a while. I would say it's a "medical appointment" and don't give any more information than that! You have the right to privacy.
  5. Good idea from LittleMissCurious.
    Last year (i'm on mat leave now) I also found this difficult as we have to provide evidence. Could you ask at your doctor's for an appointment card? As this won't say what the apointment is. And if head questions further you could say its blood tests that have to be done then. It annoys me that we can't have privacy. Good luck x
  6. I always get an automatic text sent to my phone whenever I book an appointment at the GP which says the date, time and name of the surgery - no details about your appointment. If your surgery does this, you could just show the text.
    However, if your school doesn't ask for evidence of appointments, just say 'medical appointment'.
  7. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I found you could change appointment time in my area, say to 4pm, and if you can change to one near your school you should make 4pm. Assume your school finishes around 3.30. Worth making inquiries? Also it saved my school hassle, and meant my students didn't get messed about with cover teachers as I made all my apts for then, except the scan. Can't say for sure, but I think SMT respected me and treated me better than some other people. Rightly or worngly, they madecomments about another woman who tried to book apts when her toughest classes were! Not saying anyone on here wuld do that!
  8. I told HR/cover manager at 8 weeks so I could get time off for my scan and booking in apt. I told her that I didnt want the information disclosing to anyone other than the Head. She coaxed me into telling my HOD so she could keep me safe, but otherwise no one knew until 15/16 weeks when I chose to tell them.
    I agree with the previous poster, Ive only gone out of school when I have no other choice. My midwife is at my surgery Mon/Thurs and she is sending me to another clinic for my next apt so I dont have to miss my exam classes as she cant fit me in. I think school respects me for this - however Im no saint, if my midwife offers me after school during training times/meetings Im there!
    T x
  9. Well as a supply a no show is no pay so I have had to rearrange appointments. My clinic is usually Thursday afternoons and you can't book late, has to be the next appointment avail! Anyway at my booking in while I was off sick I asked about this and our midwives run clinics at a few local health centres do she said I could go the the morning clinic at the other place. This suits me as I have regular afternoons. One colleague years ago did choose to go to antenatal aqua fit in school time passing it off as antenatal appointments!! Guess it depends on you personally!!
  10. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    I told them I had a medical appointment. Subsequently they can ask to see copy of notes/appointment card/letter etc but you are entittled to paid time off to go to it.

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