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midsummer nights dream

Discussion in 'English' started by kittycat20, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hiya everyone.
    I've got to teach A midsummer nights dream to year 7 and have no idea reall where to start.
    does anyone have a SOW that they wouldn't mind sending me to help me out?
    I would be really grateful!
    let me know, and then I shall post my email addy.
    Thankyou in advance :) xx
  2. LittleStreams

    LittleStreams New commenter

    I can't be of much help, I am not a qualified teacher yet. But I just wanted to say that I studied this when I was year 8, and the thing which stands out most in my mind was that the teacher did a presentation where she was showing the 'love triangle' (though it was more of a square) and we had sheets where we got to draw lines of who loved who at each stge of the play. Helped me to understand it a little more, as without that I got a bit confused when I was that age.

  3. Scheme of work sounds brilliant! Please could I have a copy too? It's kmst1@live.co.uk
    Thank you
  4. sure kat - i have to apologise to kittycat anyway as I meant to send it last night and completely forgot! [​IMG]
    sorry! will send it tonight, promise!
  5. I hope its ok to ask but could I also have a copy? I have other junior school schemes that I am willing to share.
    Thank you
  6. Hello guys,
    Why not upload your scheme of works to our Resource Bank and that way you don't have to keep emailing them out you can just send people a link.
    Best wishes
    Gail Robinson, community producer
  7. Have a look on Hertfrodshire grid for Learning (www.thegrid.org I think). They have some great extract based stuff on AMND in the 'Shocking Shakespeare' scheme.
  8. Just wanted to say thank you for the above suggeston. I have got an interview next week and this website is fab, it's given me loads of ideas.
  9. Hi, I am in my first year as a teacher of KS3 level and would really appreciate a copy of this SOW. I will be teaching MND starting after Easter. Thanks so much for any help.
  10. Hello. I am just about to begin Midsummer Nights Dream with a mixed ability year 7 class after the easter break. Would greatly appreciate the aforementioned SOW for some additional inspiration. Many thanks in advance, Chris

  11. Hi,
    I would really appreciate a copy too - mcmillanhuk@yahoo.co.uk - or if you could put a message on here if you do put it onto 'resources'.
    Thank you.
  12. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Hi all

    I bought a PDF teachers pack a few years ago - has lots of lesson plans/worksheets/assessments (although you have to decide yourself which task to which AF/sub strand of NC etc as it predates the new curr).

    I have emailed it to all who have left their addy on this thread. I hope it helps

    Vshell xx
  13. Hi
    I would really appreciate a copy of the resources for a Midsummer Night's Dream if they are still available. I will be teaching this to year 7 after Easter.

    Thanks Helen
  14. rfharris

    rfharris New commenter

    Me too, please vshell, if you're still sending these out:
  15. Hi
    I hane just seen your message, which was posted years ago. But if osssible can you
  16. Hi
    I hane just seen your message, which was posted years ago. But if osssible can you
  17. Hi Vshell,
    If it is still available, I'd really appreciate a copy of the Midsummer resource; I'm teaching it to Year 7 in the summer term.
    Thanks v much,
  18. hi there - would it please be possible for me also to get a copy? Am a PDGE student and teaching it to my 2nd years (Scotland). I have my tutor observation on Monday and would be good tog et some extra ideas!

    Many thanks,

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