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Middlesex University PGCE interviews

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by emma25, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hello has anybody had an interview for the PGCE early years course at Middlesex Uinversity yet? How long did it take them to get back to you? What did your interview involve?


  2. Hello has anybody had an interview for the PGCE early years course at Middlesex Uinversity yet? How long did it take them to get back to you? What did your interview involve?


  3. An English and Maths test, a presentation (which you prepare for on the day) and a group interview. It was okay, very relaxed and everyone was super nice. I got a reply within one week and I got in!!

    Hope this helps.


  4. Hi Cat,

    I have my middlesex interview on the 18th and was wondering if you could fill me on the type of thing they ask for in the english test, as im rather worried about.

  5. Hello everyone
    I sent off my application 3 weeks ago with Middlesex as my first choice I have not heard anything from them yet. Does it take this long to get a reply?
    Im doing Secondary ICT. Are you all primary applicants?
  6. Hi Nadia,

    I am doing primary. Maybe middlesex is concentrating on primary first as their last interview for this is on the 18th. Have you been checking the gttr website, or maybe you could contact middlesex to see when the secondary interviews r starting. good luck
  7. Hi everyone,

    I know this is anold thread but just thought I'd add to it as I had an interview at Middlesex last week for primary PGCE.

    So this is how the day went...

    First of all everyone was in a big room with the BA students and we all had our passports and GCSE certificates checked. We were soon split up and given a short talk on the course, what to expect, funding etc.

    We were then split into groups of 8-10 and were given 3 tasks to do, whilst being observed by two interviewers. The first task was to discuss in small groups, then as a whole group, a teacher that we had at school. It had to be someone we saw as a 'good' teacher. Secondly, we were given 15 minutes to prepare individual presentations on how our previous experience with children had influenced our decision to become a teacher. Lastly we had a group discussion, lasting about 15 minutes about whether or not SATs should be abolished in primary schools.

    The tasks weren't nearly as daunting as I thought they'd be, it was quite a relaxed day and I didn't feel under too much pressure.

    After a lunch break we had a maths test, lasting half an hour which was fairly easy. If you haven't done maths for a while, I'd suggest brushing up on fractions and percentages but don't stress too much. I was told by someone else to make sure I'd revised up to GCSE level but this really wasn't necessary! We then had a half hour English task, which was to write an essay on whether or not SATs should be abolished in primary schools. Again, this was not too difficult as we had already discussed it earlier on in the day.

    I was there from 9am until 2pm, met loads of people who I will hopefully see in September if I get in!! The tutors and interviewers were really friendly and approachable too. One thing I would definitely recommend is wearing a suit or similar as there were a couple of people just in jeans and jumpers and they looked sooooo out of place. Oh and our day was mixed with the Early Years programme, so expect the same if you have applied to do that course!

    Sorry for the essay, but thought it might help some of you! If you want to ask me anything else, just let me know!
  8. Hi!
    This is very very helpful thank you! I have an interview there next week and felt very unprepared for the group interview as it doesn't give you any detail on the letter! Also it doesn't say anything on my letter about bringing your GCSE certificates to be checked, bit puzzled about that :s so I'm glad you mentioned that! Do you bring them all?
    Bit scared about the individual presentation, did yours go ok?
    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi!
    Just wanted to check how your interview went?
    What did the day involve?

  10. Hi,
    I have PGCE(Primary) interview with the Middlesex Uni. on the 17th. Feb. Does any have any tips for me? This will be helpful and will also help me narrow down my resarech.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  11. Hi,
    I am meant to have an interview with Middlesex Uni for the PGCE primary course on the 21st March, so I am afraid I can't tell you exactly what comes up in the interview, although I have heard that it will consist of a Maths test, English essay and a quick group discussion on why you want to teach etc.
    I am just hoping that they haven't allocated all of their places by the time my interview comes around!
    Anyways good luck for your interview, I hope it goes well.


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