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Middlesex University PGCE Art and Design

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by gclaire, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hello!Anybody out there have an interview on 22nd April at Middlesex Uni for Art and Design PGCE? :)
  2. Hi
    I have my middlesex interview on the 28th april! bit worried what have they asked for you to do for your interview? Mine is 10 min portfoilio and 500 word written work on Joseph Beuys statement.

  3. Hi Gemma!
    Nice to know someone else is in the same boat!Mine is firstly the discussion on the Joseph Beuys statement, then the 500 word written work and then the presentation of my work!Im nervous already but im sure they will make us feel at ease.Im most worried about presentation to be honest as im not sure which bits of work to talk about etc.Message me if you want to discuss the Joseph Beuys statement we have been given or anything else!
    Claire :)
  4. Hi claire

    I'm really nervous too! Not sure whatwork to talk about either! I wonder if they will expect whole portfolio talk through or get us to pick certain works? How is your statement going? What did you specialise in at uni? I did printmaking. Do you want to swap emails would be nice to talk through what we are doing as were both in same boat! Mine is gemma.winning@gmail.com
  5. Hey!I know thats what i was thinking!Ive just picked out a few pieces to talk about but will probebly take my whole portfolio incase they want to see anything else!Scary!!!My degree was in Illustration but but did a foundation course before this so im going to bring a selction of work from both to try to show a wide range of styles etc.My email is Claire_bott1@yahoo.co.uk drop me an email.Im just trying to pull together the statement piece right now, need to get to grips with it!.Finding it hard to relate the quote to my own school experiences!Let me know how your getting on x
  6. Hey!
    Ive just been looking through your discussion about middlesex and the joseph beuys statement! I'm going for my interview this thursday and wondered whether you'd be kind enough to let me know how you got on? whats the course leader like? was it relaxed or very serious? any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

    Claire x
  7. 22nd April?! That seems ages away... my next choice is Middlesex (for Music), and my first two universities had interviews within two/three weeks!
  8. good luck by the way :)

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