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Middle Leaders Training courses?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by drama_fairy, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. drama_fairy

    drama_fairy New commenter

    Hi everyone, I have been a HoD for a while and I am looking to refresh and build on my current skills as a middle leader. My school are willing to help with any training and costs. So with this in mind, can anyone suggest any good courses to help with development of leadership skills etc?
  2. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    I find it really depends on who runs these courses, Some of them can be amazing and building experiences, others can be a bloke with a powerpoint. Talk with SLT, do they have anyone who they use in training Middle Leaders? Are there any capitation bids available for mentoring from other schools, talk to your head, he may know the answer to this question,

    Sorry i can't be more helpful, but it's who's about in your area.
  3. drama_fairy

    drama_fairy New commenter

    Hi, thank you for this. I will have a chat with SLT and see what they can suggest.
  4. NewbieHoD

    NewbieHoD New commenter

    I’ve just completed Leading from the Middle from the ETF. It’s a somewhat condensed version of the programme of the same name that many HoDs did a number of years ago, but I found it very interesting and useful.

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  5. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter

    You could look at completing the NPQML qualification which is targeted at middle leaders if there is one in your area.

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