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Middle Class Insults

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Richie Millions, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. She wears Nickleson, That's so OXFAM
  2. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    You parents buy wine with a screw cap
  3. Obviously you don't travel business or first class - poor boy!
  4. So has SYWELL in Northamptonshire - if you can find the place. try Googling for it.

  5. Poor kid! Should have bought a BMW 7 series - mine always starts.
    As an aside I had to take a photo the other day in a school car park there was a row of permenent teachre's cars parked in a row and my BMW at the middle - all the cars ended where my front door handle was leaving the front of my car taking the full parking place. I hope they don't make the bays shorter in the future or I'll have to park in the head's place.

  6. I must comment on this........ Legal documents do not have puncutation as it might be mis read - especially wills.
  7. Actually from the mouth of my neice when her parents jokingly said they were going to cut their food bills by no longer shopping at M+S and instead going to shop at Lidl's:
    "Oh My God, I refuse to eat that prison food."
  8. In a Food Tec lesson: 'my Nanny usually does that!'
  9. right is 2nd class ... firts is ( most of the time !) on the left ! Where I've never travelled ;-)
    take care, thanks for sharing.
    Marijo... looking for English pen pals for my French adult (centre) students.
  10. Oh that's just ridicchio!
  11. Well, Madelson is a thrice-failed, unelected nonentity anyway. An indication of what the UK has been reduced to!
  12. Spat out my wine! hahahaha

    p.s. its fine, I'm supply with no work tomorrow lol
  13. Off topic, but when Lord Lucan mistakenly murdered the nanny instead of his wife and 'did a runner', the BBC sent a camera team into Knightsbridge to ask opinions of the passers-by.
    One mink-coated old dear stated, " Oh I think its absolutely appalling. Good nannies are so hard to come by these days."
  14. Q. "How come you have turn up in the Rolls today"
    A. "Because I would had to move 3 cars to get the Aston out"
  15. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Oh a staircase? How novel...
  16. A situation which happened to me, the reverse of this theme:
    Doing R.L.Stevenson's winter poem, I put up a glossary of old-fashioned words. I glossed 'nurse' as meaning 'nanny or childminder'. Several of the pupils annotated their copy with 'gran'.

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