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Middle Class Insults

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Richie Millions, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Sorry! Wouldn't know...I've only Ever Flown Virgin!
  2. Not sure if you're really asking, but just in case: if you turn right, you're only an economy class passenger, while left is business class and better. Of course, this applies only to people who have to fly on scheduled airlines.

    Correct answer: when I turn right, it's cool cos it's my dad's jet.
  3. Me (in a French class): Can anyone tell me what 'Ville' means?
    Year 8 student: It is the meat that my Mum always orders at the Italian.
  4. james190370

    james190370 New commenter

    Turn left when you get on a plane and you go into first class/ premium. Turn right you go into economy!!
  5. May be first class turn left, trash class turn right as you get on.
  6. true story: I teach in an international school with many second language students. One student didn't understand what "cork" was. I, showing my age and backgorund, preceded to try and explain that it was what some people tiled their bathrooms with (I know, I know, heaven knows where that came from). Unsurprisingly the student did not understand my explanation but was helped by another student explaining "it is what you get in champagne bottles"...that was when I realised I wasn't working in a comprehensive school anymore.
    Just realised this is slightly off topic...it isn't an insult...but you should have seen the pitying looks the students gave me when I tried to explain that cork tiling was once very fashionable.
  7. Or, if you want to feel like a real pleb, you get made to board through the door to business class, then get herded along the aisle past all the lovely comfy seats with the cabin attendant bringing up the rear shouting "Keep moving along, please!" and keeping an eye on you in case you nick one of the little cushions!!!
  8. Upper class is also left at the door, or sometimes straight up the stairs ;-)
  9. It's Upper Class on planes, first class is for trains.
  10. The best one I've heard is, 'Daddy's Boxster wouldn't start this morning so we've had to come in the Audi'.

  11. This is my drawing room .... but you don't actually draw in it!!
  12. The Argentine imports are so much better. (Think polo ponies)
  13. Oh you work ? (new neighbour)
  14. In my 1st term as NQT in affluent area - teaching science - topic - healthy eating .... I conducted a survey of favourite foods with my 7 year olds. In previous school as a TA - there had been a resounding thumbs up for chicken nuggets, pizza and chips. In new school, no mention of junk food, McDonalds was slated and the winning food was olives followed closely by humous. What an eye-opener that lesson was!!!!
  15. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    What a lovely dress! Are you going to a 'Last Season' theme party?
  16. Unfortunately that is a widely circulated although utterly believable media myth.
    The last place i worked was a referral unit so there was a slight lack of middle class insults.
  17. sorry, that was in response to mandleson's chip shop guacamole!
  18. Not a middle class insult - but - what's the most outrageous name thame has appeared in your register?
    Ikea and Moet must be near the top...
  19. Whatever took you to Bishop's Stortford?!
  20. Act your age not your shoe size.

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