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Mid Term Planning: Space

Discussion in 'Primary' started by siobhanokeefe, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I am a trainee teacher, completing an assignment on cross-curricular planning. I am really struggling with this task.

    We are required to:

    Plan, design and evaluate a teaching resource (unit of work) that promotes a worthwhile and challenging cross-curricular study.

    In which we focus on one core subject and two foundation subject

    I am considering using the topic of Space as my thematic approach. However, I am unsure of what a mid-term plan looks like and if using Space is a useful thematic topic.

    Any help would be great.

    Many Thanks
  2. inq


    Which year group are you teaching?
    I presume that Science is the main topic, you could link in art - painting aliens, DT - making rockets/ moon buggies, music - space music, history - history of space travel.
    If you leave an e-mail address I'll forward you one of our MTP for our creative curriculum (sorry I don't have a space one!)
  3. miss detention

    miss detention New commenter

    I think this topic will be useful to you. It can be linked to a number of other subjects:
    Literacy- writing a newspaper report about the moon landing or a meteorite crash on Earth etc.
    Numeracy- can link to shape, space and measures unit- distances between planets and time taken to orbit sun etc.
    History- research the moon landing.
    Geography- research solar eclipses in various countries on Earth.
    Art- create a model of the solar system using foam balls.
    RE/PSHE - look at how different people view stars and planets in various religions, including horosscopes etc.
    Hope this helps.
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    You don't say what year group you are planning for, but if you put 'space' and search forums on this site you will find several threads which have some really good ideas. Also, check out the resources section on this site where you'll find many examples of medium term planning.
  5. Might be a bit late for you, but we have just had a creative week (off timetable week) with Year5 where we set the challenge to introduce the idea of space. The challenge was given on Monday morning after watching a short clip about the planets that by friday they would be performing a play about their chosen planet, which they would write, costume, make backdrops and props, choose music, and do a movement/dance sequence about finding life on their planet. (They had already studied playscripts in Literacy)
    We have 52 children who we split them into 9 groups (Titan was the 9th planet!). They pulled the planets out of a hat to prevent arguements!!
    They spent the first morning researching their planet, we did some drama sessions throughout the week to try out ideas which focused on 'the meeting' between the human astronauts and the lifeforms, and obviously writing their playscript.They painted a landscape scene of their planet, raided the costume cupboard, as well as making their own headdresses and masks, and choose music to set the atmoshere. (Even though 1 or 2 sounded more like the theme tune for a day time doctors drama series!!!!)
    The response from the children was amazing. Children that I would never have thought took their lines home to practise, brought costumes in etc.
    We are continuing this week with the actual curriculum learning around earth in space, but the creative approach really fired them up.
    Hope this helps.
  6. I would think that additional information required would be where the children are regarding where they need to go, i.e. check they haven't done space already in recent times; the literacy doesn't revisit work just completed, ie journalistic writing could have been just covered or already a strength.
  7. Hello.

    im currently in a year 5 topic and have started a new topic on space any ideas to where i can find resources ?

  8. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

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