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Microteach for PTLLS - any good ideas?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by bobbysue, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have to do a 30 min microteach for my PTLLS course. Has anyone got any good suggestions for a topic - I'd like to make it fun but my mind has gone blank!

    Thanks in anticipation...
  2. I will be interested to hear answer to this as have to do PTLLS microteach. What guidance have you had?? Does it have to be a fun or work related subject.
    I was thinking about something like - how to bath/groom an english springer spaniel after a walk in the park (not an easy job) - make it light hearted as possible,
    If serious subject was going to do - nutritonal status of older person in hospital.
    Depends on what they are looking for.

  3. Some of the best ones (i.e. in terms of actually showing teaching and learning techniques) that were on my course a few years ago were

    How to pour the perfect pint from a bottle of beer

    How to prepare a mango into a hedgehog style desert

    How to tie a tie.

    What the people did was introduce the topics and then outline the Health and Safety factors etc. We all had a go and whilst it was really good fun we also learnt loads.

    I did a session on how to breathe properly using your diaphragm. Took lots of measurements before and after and used feathers as props. It really worked.

    You need to keep it really simple so you don't get flustered and make sure that everyone can participate at their level (differentiation). It is also good if you can measure learning at the end of the session.

    I'm sure you' ve been given lots of other tips by your course leader so I won't prattle on...

    Good luck with it both of you[​IMG]
  4. Just out of interest what did you do and how did it go? I did my PTLLS in July and that was the first time I had taught a group...
  5. Hi,
    I am not doing micro teach until next month. Probably doing something health related like dementia etc..
  6. I wonder if you would send me through your theory assignments? I am studying for PTLLS level 4 and would appreciate seeing some sample assignments. I promise not to copy.
    Thank you!
    Hope your micro teach went OK
  7. How about macroteach for PGTSDWERFCYGUH ?
  8. Hi,
    Also starting my PTLLS level 4 and like you would like to see sample C&G Unit 2 theory assignments


  9. I did 1st edition books and how to spot what was really a first edition or second edition or second print etc
    I took in several really old books went down great guns
    my friend did "how to make jelly hedgehogs" with group participation guess who's was most popular!!
    good luck with whatever you do, but just use your imagination and you will be fine
  10. I did how to wallpaper around a light switch. I took in some plasterboard with a couple of switches fixed to it, gave a demonstration then let a couple of my fellow students on the course have a go. I didn't get the best feedback from my teacher but the others on the course seemed to like it.

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