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Microsoft Word - Help Required

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chris_elevate, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I've got a really long document which made to combine my SoW with the lesson plans.
    On the first page I've typed out my Objectives and Outcomes and various other bits and pieces. I'd like these bits to be repeated throughout the document (like a cut and paste) but want them to update automatically if the first page is changed.
    Is there a feature/way that this could be done so it simply copies a chunk of text to another part of the document as if it was a field or mail merge sort of thing?
    Thanks for any help you can give
  2. Could you not put them in the Header or Footer?
  3. You could do it using form fields. If you're using Word 2010 you'll need to display the Developer ribbon (by right-clicking any ribbon and selecting 'Customise the ribbon' then clicking to place a tick beside Developer in the list on the right-hand side of the Word Options window). Probably the easiest way is to click on the arrow beside the button that's got a folder and some tools on it in the Controls group on the Developer ribbon and select the Text Form Field from under the Legacy Tools heading. If you click on this field then click the Properties button in the same Controls group you will see the name of this form field (something like Text1). Remember this name (or give it a simple name you will remember) and click to place a tick beside the Calculate on exit box at the bottom of the window before clicking OK. To add another form field that will display this value, place a new Text Form Field in your document, click the properties button while it is selected and set the Type drop-down box to Calculation. Enter the name of the form field you want it to display (e.g. Text1) in the Expression box and click OK. To make the form fields work you will need to click the Restrict Editing button in the Protect group on the Developer ribbon and set the Editing restrictions to allow only Filling in forms. Click the box to start enforcing protection and any value you enter in the form field should be replicated in the calculated one.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Looks like this is a goer!
    I've almost got it working but not quite. Could you PM me your email address so I can send the file over to you to have a look at or advise me what I can do to get it working. I want to leave it as editable as possible and I've got to make sure it doesnt start messing up on servers at schools as it'll throw teachers if it goes wrong - any danger of this?

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