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Microsoft pathway for OCR

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by danielstucke, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I'm looking into this too. Although it does work out expensive, for many of our pupils I'm arguing that the MOS qualifications will be of more value to them when they leave than the ITQ. For those going into traditional office work I think it's a nice thing to have on their CVs.

    I'm interested to find out just how much effort there is in getting the certification, how much time is needed to pass the additional Unit 02 of the OCR ITQ which is needed to get the LEvel 2 certification from them. Any ideas?
  2. Unit 2 shouldn't take you very long but I think it's easier to do if you've been doing the CLAiT papers. The student has to do a piece of work similar to the CLAiT Plus Word unit (although it could be for any unit) and then complete the proforma to explain the shortcuts they used, how they customised the interface (e.g using the tables and borders toolbar), who the work was for, copyright and security implications, how did they check their work and did they make any corrections. If your students are doing MOS exams then you will need to give them an extra piece of work to complete and include a marked copy of this with the student's completed proforma. If you are basing unit 2 on a CLAiT Plus paper that they have already completed then they can just complete the proforma and state which paper they sat as the examiner will have a copy of this. If you wanted them to gain a Level 2 iTQ Diploma then you could get them to sit extra units such as desktop publishing, imaging and website software at Level 2 using the CLAiT Plus papers (which don't cost any extra) and tell them to complete Unit 2 based on one of those units. They can also sit the Level 1 CLAiT email unit and this will give them a few extra points for the Level 1 Using the Internet unit, they can complete MOS Outlook for Level 2 email and New CLAiT Electronic Communication for Using the Internet, if you do any of the other CLAiT papers at Level 2 they won't count points from the same subject at Level 1 but the Electronic Communication exam gives points for both e-mail and Using the Internet.

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