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MICROPHONES: any experts out there who can give advice???

Discussion in 'Music' started by mushroomz, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. mushroomz

    mushroomz New commenter

    Hi there!

    Anyone know any good (and not too expensive!) microphones for recording music / voice onto a PC? I would like to record audio snippets from You Tube, as well as personal commentaries etc. to accompany slide shows / movies made in Windows Live Movie Maker. My current mic is very poor, and playback sounds like a poor excuse for a a tin can! The integrated mic in my PC is even worse; playback is far too quiet and tinny!

    I don't need first class sound, and would be happy to spend up to about 60 pounds!

    Many thanks!
  2. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I have a fairly cheap mike and a quite expensive one and, to be honest, recording onto the PC I can detect no difference. They both make very acceptable recordings because my room and so on mean that the more expensive mike doesn't make a better recording. The microphone on my webcam makes pretty good recordings too, very surprisingly. I tend to use that rather than bother to plug in one of the others unless it's for something very special.
  3. Sounds like what you need is a USB microphone which just plugs into a USB socket on your PC. There are quite a few models out there for yuour price range: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Microphones-Snowball-Microphone-White/dp/B000EOPQ7E/ref=pd_cp_MI_1 And don't record sound from you tube - download as an mp3 which you can do via keepvid.com
  4. Sticky right. Recording direct intot he mic socket of your pc is never going to give you good sound - I have an interface into which I then plug a decent condeser mic, however the direct to usb microphones are very good and do the same job as my isb interface.
  5. rooney1

    rooney1 Occasional commenter

    I use a USB microphone. It works well for us but I teach in a junior school so we are not using the recordings for formal assessment - but the children really like hearing themselves and often make sensible suggestions for improvement. The children also use easispeak microphones to record themselves. The USB method is definitely better and quicker.
  6. mushroomz

    mushroomz New commenter

    Which brand of USB mic do you use, Roo, and do you know how much it costs?
  7. If you are a Mac user, or might be I can suggest one of these as being well worth a look. The Apogee One has a USB mic and audio interface all rolled into one. You'd need to up your budget though.


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