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micro lesson 15 minutes plato cave

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by oggs26, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. oggs26

    oggs26 New commenter

    please can anyone help me out? I have to micro teach 15 minutes on plato cave's, anyone any ideas. Thanks in advance its A-level
  2. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I used to teach Plato's Cave. Used it for literature. It’s not difficult to set up a version of it using screens or a visualiser. You can also cite some Tennysonian poetry. B748DB30-AD4B-4FC7-BB80-6FA777FBED3E.jpeg
  3. oggs26

    oggs26 New commenter

    then how can I show progress in 15 minutes etc?
  4. hs9981

    hs9981 Established commenter

  5. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Show progress? After 15 minutes? That’s quite a challenge. Who is to say they would remember it?
    I suppose you could ask them to transpose it to a contemporary situation as @hs9981 says. For example, their Instagram profile is but a shadow on the wall.

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