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Michael Rosen on talks about this week's READING SAT!!!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SIRFRANK, May 12, 2011.

  1. sigh...and the point of that was???

    Yes...SATS are very unfair..we know that..I tell you what though, Id have rather read that booklet than listen to that speech...
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Not just me then.
  3. jumad

    jumad New commenter

    That's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back................................
  4. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Well, I thought it was interesting.
  5. Love comments about time and life - you made the choice!!!!!
  6. ...and 7 years of every childs education preparing for SATs.[​IMG]
  7. jumad

    jumad New commenter

    Thought it would be interesting, agree with some of what the great man says but he didn't half go a bit!
  8. Blah, blah blah,. He is right of course but far to long winded for a Thursday evening after SATs - might get a beer now :)
  9. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    I agree with Michael Rosen wholeheartedly and hope someone in Government will actually take heed.

  10. Started off really interesting, then got far too long winded and my eyes started to hurt trying to read it on here!
  11. He always talks such sense, thanks for posting this speech.
  12. To those complaining they found it difficult to read...it was a lecture!!! Not intended to be read!
    This goes to one of the often overlooked problems with the whole SAT project; they are often so very badly thought out that even if their goals were laudable, they are unable to successfully carry out their purpose. The various officials and ministers involved in inventing, developing and now maintaining them should be ashamed!
  13. I'm sure his speech will form the basis if next years Reading paper.
  14. "of" not if. Been a long week !
  15. Well more fool you, then, if you couldn't pick the salient points out of that transcript of a lecture.... Rosen made some very important points. I don't know if you were educated in the sort of establishment where they gave lectures, maybe not, but the whole point of a lecture of that its actually meant to be heard rather than read. Therefore such lectures are not fun to read, but if you do not have the opportunity to witness the lecture first-hand, sometimes you have to read transcripts.
    However, I think MR made some very important points, not about the subject matter (that's a McGuffin), but about the oblique and uninspiring way in which it was presented.
  16. Well I read through the whole post and didn't get bored once. I completely agree with MR. And it worries me that teachers find this sort of stuff boring, they should be interested in it.
  17. Thank you!!!!!
  18. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    What he is stating is no tnew, those of us who have been around for along time will remember such ideas being prevelent back in the 70's and the whole book approach to reading.
    For years i have argued his points with a wide variety of folk,including heads and the odd lecturers i have meet. yet as ever we nod heads and then ignore, or try to compensate by supplying such reading into the class room.
    I am unable to comment upon the sat's paper analysis or even his report of seeking to get goverments behind the ideas he believes in........but i certainly agree that the breadth of reading of a child has far more effect on future schooling and standards.Over 30 years i have sought to encourage parents,teachers and others to supply to childrena wide a range of reading material..........even to reading pkts of cereal.Indeed i even ask questions based upon such things and a whole variety of material( if only to remind children how the skill of reading can be applied or used to question informationand ideas)...........but even recently i was told off on supply because chldren where not reading the guided reading books which the needed to do so that APP could be formulated and so they could show this to OFSTED when it came.
    In our schools we dont have the balance....to often we are dependent upon a few texts. and although as teachers we recognise the importance of reading we are demanded off and respond to the pressures of heads and leaders, and to prepare for children to atatin in exams which have little relvance to a childs learning or enjoyment...and simply allows a catagorising of such children into neat parcels of achievement or none achievement!
  19. adqueam

    adqueam New commenter

    I read the whole post too and was astounded by some of the posts. It alarms me that there are so many contributors who found the transcript 'boring' or similar. Why are you teaching?
    We all know that those children who live in houses that are full of books have a huge and 'invisible' advantage over the bookless. MR has presented a brilliant exposé on what is wrong with summative assessment of Reading at KS2.
    The selection of text for the 2011 Reading Comprehension is a mystery that will entertain many of us over the weekend and will then be largely forgotten. Let us hope that many of the children who found it inaccessible (at best) will not decide to give up the ghost on reading for ever.

  20. adqueam

    adqueam New commenter

    My first sentence should have read;
    "I read the whole post too and was astounded by some of the <u>comments that have been made on this forum" </u>

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