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Michael Morpurgo Novels

Discussion in 'English' started by Lucylocket44, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have any details on schemes of work for Michael Morpurgo novels such as Arthur, High King of Britain, Cool, The War of Jenkins Ear and Waiting for Anya?

    All suggestions/links/donations apprectiated.
  2. Does anyone have any details on schemes of work for Michael Morpurgo novels such as Arthur, High King of Britain, Cool, The War of Jenkins Ear and Waiting for Anya?

    All suggestions/links/donations apprectiated.
  3. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I have one on 'Private Peaceful' - a truly excellent novel. I believe it is the best kids' book I've read.
  4. Hi Eva

    Can I be really cheeky and ask for a copy of the Private Peaceful scheme of work? I really enjoyed reading Private Peaceful and agreed to teach it next term but the panic is starting to kick in - I feel like I've been out of the classroom for ages since my PGCE finished and starting to write a SOW is driving me mad. As an NQT starting in September I don't really have much to swap (yet!). My email address is pgcestudent@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thank you in advance.
  5. Dunk

    Dunk New commenter

  6. What year are you doing Private Peaceful with? I'm thinking about trying to tie it in with 1914 war poetry-gas attack etc.
  7. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    It's definately a year 8 novel. Too difficult for year 7. Could possibly do for year 9s too.

    My USB memory thingy with the scheme on is at work, will pop in next week and get it so hope you don't mind waiting a bit. It's got all the resources and OHTs you need with it (hard copy is on my laptop which I cannot, as yet, get networked so that I can use the internet on it!)

    Will get it to you asap.
  8. Dear Eva,
    I am also teaching Private Peaceful and would appreciate if you could also send me a copy of the unit you have already taught. My email address is aaisling@yahoo.co.uk.
    Thanks very much,
  9. Hi Eva,
    I'm sure you must inundated with requests for a copy of your sow for Private Peaceful and unfortunately this is another request. Having just been given the book to teach at the last minute, due to staff shortage, I would REALLY appreciate a copy! my email is missmuffet@btinternet.com many thanks
  10. I've got a SOW for 'Arthur - High King of Britain' which I did with a high ability Y7 on my PGCE. I can't say that all the pupils loved it but I think its useful to cover the Arthurian legends - they all loved doing drama on Gawain and the Green Knight though.

    Leave your email and I can send it.

    Treb xxx
  11. Thanks Eva_Smith and Trebizond,

    I'd be very grateful if you could email me what you have and I can get started on producing something suitable for my classes.


    I've been on holiday, hence the delay in replying...hope you're still there!

  12. You've got mail.
  13. Hi Eva

    I will be teaching Private Peaceful this year and would be really appreciative of a copy of your scheme of work. I am a Drama teacher who has been thrown in the deep end, teaching English for the first time - eeeeeeeeek. Hope you don't mind my asking.

  14. Eva,

    I'd be grateful if you could forward a copy to me also: lmm301@soton.ac.uk. Many Thanks
  15. Dear Eve Have just found out I shall be studying Private Peaceful with a Year 8 group next week and a scheme of work would be so helpful if you are prepared to forward it to jenny4350@hotmail.com many thanks
  16. Eva - I feel guilty joining in with the plea for mail - but I have been given no guidance and just told to teach Private Peaceful to a bottom set Y8 - would really appreciate SOW or anything!!
    Many thanks
    Sam :) samw518@hotmail.co.uk
  17. If anyone is looking for a good website for background information on the first world war, I have found


    to be a good solid site. There is an interview on it with an old soldier who witnessed a comrade being tied to a wheel (as happened to Charlie) and there is information on trench foot, rats, gas attacks, shell shock etc plus diary extracts.
  18. I agree with Eva. PP is a fantastic book. I posted my SOW on here because the email links weren't working. It's on the English thread. Anyone else who is inundated by requests, it's much easier to just cut and paste it on to here than email loads of people.
  19. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Hi guys,

    I'm so sorry, I've just realised that my emails to you lot have failed. Have moved house and have not had internet set up yet so can't check mail all the time. I will re-send asap. If those who receive it could forward it to any requests made after this post I'd be really grateful as it is a slight pain in the **** because it is so many files.


    Let me know what you think of the scheme

    x x x

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