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MFL staff meeting - help required

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cannard, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. I have to lead an MFL staff meeting this week and am in huge panic. We have 3 weeks til the end of term and things are crazy - this week alone I have an Observation by the HT on Monday , a Drop In by SLT on Tuesday , 2 All change Days on Wednesday and Thursday - new year group, new classroom , a New Parents Evening on Wednesday anfter the Staff Meeting and then on Friday the School BBQ.The last thing on my mind is MFL but a subjecct co-ordinator I have been told I have to do it. In fairness I opted to do it this week but since then several other events have been rescheduled hence my blind panic!!

    Any ideas ?
    I am going to audit staff skills and resources already in school, and also carry out Pupil Conferences, but due to budget restrictions I have been unable to attend any courses or conferences.
    Any advice old be armly welcomed and appreciated . Ideally I do not want to have to talk for a whole hour , perhaps some activity or game to involve staff would be fun and maybe some role play - think French cafe - jus de pomme, jus d'orange - basic vocab needed only!!

    Any tips or good video clips or web sites - we have an ICT SUITE so could use IT if not too difficult.
    Many thanks in anticipation

  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

  3. funambule

    funambule New commenter

  4. Will do - thanks for that!! I hadn't looked at the BBC site for a while - it is much better now!!My last staff meeting was a few years ago and I did an awful lot of work for that - will dig out the files and up date them but I wanted to be a bit more " hands on " this time - the staff are all exhausted as we have had Ofsted and a SIAS and a Mini Ofsted coming next week - we need some fun!
  5. DeeDog

    DeeDog New commenter

    We have recently had a staff meeting on French and as a non-speaker I thoroughly enjoyed it and now more enthused to use French in class.
    They started with asking who was confident in speaking French and then went through good morning, how are you with different options of reply. We had a sheet to refer to with images and key words. We had time to practice this with the people sat near us.
    A French cafe was then introduced and key vocab shared again....je voudrais...jus de pomme etc. After practicing this, the team had actually set up a table with juice, nuts, olives, french cheese etc and we had to go and ask for things we wanted in french before testing the qaulity out :)!
    To finish off we were split into 2 teams and played noughts and crosses with the names of the food items.

    linguscope.com was given to us as a useful website and I know my children live using it during lessons (I think you have to subscribe. or at least register).

  6. Hi Cannard
    There is no need to panic! Visit www.stepuptolanguages.com/languageangel. Everything you need to set up, monitor and run your MFL team all the way through KS2 is provided for you.
    You can even take a completely free trial of the resources. This will give you completely free access to the complete Olympics unit which will give you plenty of brilliant resources (PowerPoints, interactive games, worksheets, lesson plans etc. etc.) to use between now and the end of term. You can even use them to demonstrate what you'll be doing in your meeting today as access to them is immediate.
    Going forward there are loads of fantastic resources to use. Many of them are cross-currciular and include topics such as World War II, the Tudors, the Planets and the Romans to name but a few.
    Have a look at it and let the panic subside!
  7. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    When I go to schools to do an "Introduction to MFL" session, first of all I run through the current DfE expectations and where people can find resources. Then I teach them the first lesson in the scheme of work and we look at the methodology e.g. the usefulness of choral repetition. I also teach them colours in lots and lots of different ways to give them ideas that can be used in any topic area. Then they go away and have a go and report back in the next session how it went, any problems they encountered and so on. I think actually doing a lesson in the way the children would gives non-specialists a lot more confidence to try it for themselves.
  8. c0okiemunster

    c0okiemunster New commenter


    The website above has lots of helpful training videos or teachers tv videos are still on the tes:
    Hope this helps.
  9. Many thanks for all responses - I have a few ideas now and am feeling a little more confident, but I just loathe speaking in front of a room full of adults!!

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