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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by cathy26_2001, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. cathy26_2001

    cathy26_2001 New commenter

    has anyone got any idea how i should fill in SEf in terms of nice fancy sentences to put in ?
  2. cathy26_2001

    cathy26_2001 New commenter

    has anyone got any idea how i should fill in SEf in terms of nice fancy sentences to put in ?
  3. PierreImport

    PierreImport Administrator

    Not me, I'm afraid, no.
  4. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    Can email you mine tomorrow - not a shining example may be but at least you can play with it a little.

    Don't think it has to be overly eloquent as you are stating facts.
  5. cathy26_2001

    cathy26_2001 New commenter

    it would help as i dont have any ohter examples.

    my email is cathy 26_2001@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Hi,

    As a new MFL HoF I need to fill in my SEF and I would need your help. I would appreciate if someone could send a copy of their SEF.

    Thank you so much for your help,
  7. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    I'll send you mine if you post your email
  8. Hi. I'm also in the same position and was cheekily wondering if I too could have a copy. We have an Estyn inspection in April and everyone is running around like headless chickens at the moment.

    Does anyone also know what should go into a good handbook? I know that it's to include policies, but is there a standard list?

    I'm also in a department of one ... lil old me!

    My address ....... rachd75@yahoo.co.uk

    Any help gratefully received.
  9. Rach - Have emailed you my contents page if that is of any help. Revamped it two years ago so I expect somethign else will have come up by now, but it's a start!
  10. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    All "jobs to do" will do it on Wednesday - sorry not in tomorrow hospital appt.
  11. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    You should all have mail
    Cathy26 - will do yours again I forgot to put the cathy so it sent it back to me.
    Hoep it's of use.
  12. Hi

    Would you mind sending this to me as well? I'm trying to sort out MFL in my school as well. I'd appreciate a look to help keep me on track!



  13. Hi

    I don't know if you can help me but I'm trying to write an mfl sef from scratch and don't know where to start. I wondered if you had any examples or advice in which I could work from. Really sorry to ask. Thankyou Lou
  14. Same boat! No paddle! HELP!! NO idea how to go about writing MFL SEF. Any help or advice gratefully accepted!!
  15. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I don't even know what a SEF is! Never mentioned when I trained in 1998/9 and I've not come across it on supply so far.
  16. Didn't think the SEF existed any more - why and who is making these people write one? More to the point why are others doing the 'bandwagon jumping' rather than looking at their own school/department and starting from there?

  17. buttongirl

    buttongirl New commenter

  18. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    Agree totally; I thought the SEF had gone!
    There is currently no definitive guidance about what is expected of schools- Limboland!
    All about communication in the end and so many sources of information have been lost recently.
  19. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    I went to a governors meeting last night and we talked about self-evaluation. The main school SEF will go for good on 21st July, after which schools get to choose how they self-evaluate.
  20. mpillette

    mpillette New commenter

    You might find this extract from the Ofsted website useful:
    "Rigorous self-evaluation is at the heart of effective school improvement. The online self-evaluation form (SEF) introduced alongside the Framework for the inspection of schools helps schools to be sharply evaluative. The SEF mirrors the evaluation schedule used by inspectors so that schools can make the best use of the grade descriptors and guidance it contains. Crucially, schools can readily identify what they need to do to step up a grade.
    The SEF is used by inspectors before the inspection to help identify where they might need to focus their efforts. The accuracy and clarity of the school’s evaluation also helps to inform the inspectors’ initial view of the quality of leadership and management and the school’s capacity to improve. "

    Indeed, soon there will be no compulsion to use this particular format anymore, but schools will still be expected to self-evaluate. Some schools have decided to continue using the SEF mentioned above while others have decided to devise their own.


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