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MFL PGCE books wanted!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by l0wri, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am starting a PGCE in MFL in September and am keen to get hold of some second hand books. If anyone has any or could tell me a good place to get them from please let me know!
    Many thanks,
  2. Hi,
    I've got a few. Any particular books you're looking for?
  3. I have a few too - let us know the titles you need :)

  4. When I received my reading list from Uni, I bought the main ones from Amazon. Like the others, let me know what you need - I have them left over and have not opened them since finishing my PGCE!
  5. Also, I wouldn't bother buying too many. You could probably wait till you start your course and then you can get them for free from the library. I bought a few I never ended up touching!
  6. Hi Laura,
    I am selling the following books (all from the Exeter University 2008/09 MFL PGCE book list):
    • Ed. by Capel, Leask, Turner Learning to teach in the Secondary School (4th edition)
    • Richard Fox Teaching and Learning, Lessons from Psychology
    • David Wood How children think and learn (2nd edition)
    • A Reader Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum in Secondary Schools
    • Ed. by C. Desforges and R. Fox Teaching and Learning, The Essential Readings
    • Julia Flutter, Jean Rudduck Consulting pupils
    Let me know if you are interested in any or all of them, I'll make you a good price.
  7. When I started my course I received a book list which would bankrupt most students. I would try and borrow books from the library as much as possible. If there are any which you find particularly good then try and buy those cheaply on e-bay.

    The only book I re-visit is the one I bought about ideas for tutor time. I would save your money for now.
  8. Hi there,
    Does anyone have any of the following books they could sell me?
    • Teaching Mod Languages in Sec schools: a reader (Routledge 2002, A Swarbrick)
    • Something to say? Promoting spontaneus classroom talk (CILT, 2001, V Harris)
    • New perspectives on teaching and learning mod langs (multilingual matters, 2000, S Green)
  9. Hi Laura

    just wondered where you were doing your PGCE as I am also starting in September!

  10. Hi Laura, I am starting a PGCE MFL in October with Exeter. Would you still have your old books and would you consider selling them.
    Thank you

  11. chris_martin

    chris_martin New commenter

    Hey everyone!
    First of all, good luck with your PGCE! It is a great experience. Secondly, I bought several books that have never seen the light of day. The spines aren't broken and they look as though they have just been bought.
    Most of the literature I used I got from the library, so I wouldn't skint yourself out over buying textbooks when you can borrow everything you need from the library.
    Can I also recommend the website scribd.com which has academic journals and documents (.pdf and .doc) which you can download. Really useful when I did my assignments!
    Bonne chance!
  12. I would definitely recommend waiting until the course starts and getting them from the uni library, althoughsome might not be very expensive to buy yourself (like Something To Say - fab book!). Also, depending on the uni, you might be able to access them as eBooks through something such as Dawsonera or NetLibrary. Journal articles are more useful for assignements as they are often more up to day, and these are certainly available online if you can't get on to campus.

    PS Google Books and Google Scholar are also good resources

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