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MFL GCSE targets

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by marmot.morveux, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    I would really appreciate some feedback on how other schools set GCSE targets.

    Ours always seem to coincide with Maths ones. Geography, English, History; the other academic subjects to which I would compare MFL always seem to be one grade below MFL ones.

    My question is if this is the same in other schools? We're currently finding it very hard for pupils to hit their targets, with only the highest ability seeming to be able to accomplish this. Like I said before, I would appreciate any comments as to what is happening in other schools.

    Many thanks,

  2. -myrtille-

    -myrtille- Occasional commenter

    Our pupils seem to have more or less the same target grades across all subjects.

    Most of the time the minimum target is a B (or an A for more able pupils) with an aspirational target of A (or A*).

    I just ignore them and decide for myself based on assessments what is a realistic target for each pupil. When SLT ask why a particular pupil is underachieving I tell them that the target they have been given does not reflect their actual ability or their KS3 attainment. Or that the pupil is lazy, if that applies.

    Targets are unrealistic across the board, and as a department we all take the same line - that the FFT data targets are irrelevant for our subject. As SLT hear the same line from all of us every time we have a meeting, they seem to have given up asking recently!
  3. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Senior commenter

    I'm presuming SLT are using end of KS2 scores/levels as baseline tests. From what you say, they seem to be using the Maths KS2 scores as a baseline, which seems ridiculous, with the other subjects possibly having their targets based on the English KS2 levels.

    Our targets are based on a combination of the two scores.

    I'm a bit shocked by what Myrtille said about SLT's attitude to targets. Our targets are treated like they are Holy Writ, having been engraved on tablets of stone and woe betide you if you do not achieve them.

    BTW, we used FFT for many years but haven't used them since the 3+ /4+ levels of progress benchmark came in in 2011-2012.

    All this presupposes that KS2 scores are always accurate (1)
  4. ake

    ake New commenter

    RAISEonline has a useful document


    which allows you to see the progress made last year in MFL from pupils' KS2 starting points. e.g. approx 50% of Level 4 pupils did make 3+ levels of progress in French.

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