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MFL CfE Evidence/portfolio?

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by miss freckle, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. miss freckle

    miss freckle New commenter


    This is probably a daft question as we're 18mths into the first cohort of pupils going through CfE at Secondary level. But, do you have folios for each pupil in MFL to show how they progress through 2nd and 3rd level, sort of like you would file all SG folios and prelims? In my dept it's all a bit vague and reports/tracking are based largely on gut instinct rather than physical evidence. We have done some specific assessments (presentation peer assessed by class and are going to do a Reading and Listening) but these only cover a couple of MLANs at a time.

    Over the holidays I'm going to do what I'd intended to be doing since August which is to go back over lessons and tie in specifically to MLANs and cross-reference them rather than knowing in my mind what I've covering re Es and Os. I'm not completely convinced we're planning the right way round - we've adapted our course a bit to tie into Es and Os rather than starting afresh creating projects for each part of each level. How far on are other depts in this regard?

    I've had a couple of interviews recently and I know each school has a slightly different approach but am getting a bit worried that we're missing the boar.

  2. You are not the only one going down for the third time and drwning in a sea of verbiage having definitely missed the boat!
    I've just finished having a rant on another thread so might as well do the same here.
    I have started an S1 general Log (over the year) with room for comments about various areas, eg groupwork, presentations, homework, formal assessments, etc etc with room for pupil and teacher comments. I also have a Learning Log (tick a smiley make a comment) for separate assessments also room for teacher comments and can be sent home if you think you'll get them back. But none of it hangs together and is a bit of a dogs' dinner.
    Depending on who is talking to you (I've been to the seminars) , you pick your Es & Os and go from there, others say the opposite. Who knows?
    Covering a couple of MLANs at a time - as I understand it - is fine. No more than 2-3 apparently at the one go.
    We have bought a new course (Studio) which does a lot of the tying in for you and is really helpful. When we all have the time to tart up our lessons with "fun" topics/ all singing all dancing activities, create assessments, and jump through all the other hoops, well I don't know.
    Don't get me wrong. I think CfE and the loosening up of the curriculum, and the changes in emphasis and techniques are not all bad, and Standard Grade has plenty flaws, but working in a fog with everyone second-guessing what they are supposed to do because everything is so vague as to be meaningless is not helpful to teachers, and most certainly not helping the pupils.
    Good Luck. please post any revelations!
  3. Hi
    We are the same, using a kind of learning log/profile for each pupil. But still getting our heads around which E's and O's we are covering with which lessons/activities. Learning log is impractical and too time consuming to complete. I honestly do not know what we should be doing!!
  4. rosered27

    rosered27 New commenter

    As a secondary specialist, I feel that the Es and Os are more a primary approach and as such very suitable for a teacher who does not teach more than 30 kids a week. I teach 150 with a shortened timetable for delivering S1 and S2 MFL which means I would not have the time and the resources (sole teacher) to build up a formal bank of evidence for all pupils.
    My approach to assessment is different - it has to be if I want to report to parents properly. Being a parent myself, my child's CfE reports do not make me happy. The Es and Os ... well, I do look at them for my course work but I assess skills - preferably in a linked manner with comprehension tests in both - English and the modern language. And grammar is part of that - contextualized and age-adequate. I have not found any E or O with regards to grammar but please correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Teacqhing is teaching at the end of the day. As long as you cover the content of level 3 yourok. MLs haven't changed over night
  6. Er, hello, there is no 'content', only E's and O's - we decide the 'content'.

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