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MFL and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mystique_scarlet2006, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I am the PSHCE and Enterprise Co-Ordinator for an 11-16 all girls school in a deprived suburb of Birmingham
    As part of my role, my SMT has asked me to run and co-ordinate an Enterprise Week across the whole school. The main aim would be to promote Enterprise opportunities as well as making links between Enterprise and curriculum based subjects.
    I was just wondering if anyone had any creative or unusual ideas of links I could make between Enterprise and MFL as part of a lesson? (French, Spanish and Urdu are taught at our school)
    I am hoping to provide some suggested lesson ideas that teachers could use through the week, and any ideas would be GREATLY appreicated!!!!
  2. Hi, I'm not sure I can help, but I run a language agency in London and you can tell the girls that they're lucky to have free language lessons. A lot of business men and women in the City in London pay a lot of money for classes to learn languages for business (or holidays). Because learning the language of your interlocutor, colleagues or boss will always help you in life, as well, as when you travel. It's a shame youngsters don't realize how languages can change their lives.

    It changed mine.

    For example, they could have debates about why bankers, lawyers, business owners do better business with languages and also, lead them to become aware that someone who knows another language or other languages will have such an advantage when it comes to getting hired, especially in a recession when everyone is fighting for jobs.

  3. loopyfrog

    loopyfrog New commenter

    Lots of random stuff comes to mind...

    One thing that I just thought of (so maybe not appropriate/feasible?!) would be to set up an online foreign language slang dictionary.

    Or go with internationalism rather than languages per se? For example, plan and open a Traidcraft shop or any kind of fundraising/development scheme?

    Or going with the post above, could you get some business people in for a day to be taught languages by your students?

    Have a look at CILT's Language Leaders qualification - could this be tied into it? Train some children to teach others (maybe local primaries)?

    What kind of direction are you going in with other subjects? That might help narrow things down.
  4. trinbag

    trinbag New commenter

    What about researching international companies - find their slogans/advertising campaigns in other languages - Coca Cola had slogans in different languages not too long ago - there'll be stuff on the internet still I'm sure.

    You could get pupils to research why some brands have different names in different countries - e.g. Walkers Crisps (Leys/Lays??), or examples such as why the Vauxhall Nova never sold in Spanish speaking countries (no va) and had to be renamed the Corsa.

    In the past, under the banner of "enterprise" we have done making greeting cards with messages in different languages - you can go to town with the decorations and have ribbons/sequins etc to make them a bit out of the ordinary - give them a budget, make them buy their materials, design and make their cards then sell them on to make a profit - how enterprising!

    You could get hold of food labels of foreign foods and get them to translate back into English.

    You could maybe think of the old fashioned GCSE role play scenarios - in the hotel/railway station/airport and get them to update them for a businessman or woman going abroad and needing to cope in another language (do you do the NVQ Business & Language? I bet your nearest Language College does if you don't! )

    Or reverse the above idea to produce a handbook to help a foreign visitor to your area.

    Hope this helps

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