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Mexico schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tropicalstorm, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. I was interested in applying for GG school a while back but research into Mexico City revealed ridiculous rates of pollution (and reminded me of the case study we did about pollution in Mexico City at secondary school)! That's the only thing that put me off applying.
    Now, I see a job advertised at the E Academy...and research tells me that's it a little way further out of the city and therefore less polluted. Would you agree?
    What's it like to work at?
    Thanks all :)
  2. You should have asked this question back then. GG is a far superior school, in terms of both student body, salary package and reputation (I'm assuming resourcing, too) and IS out of the city. It's located in a leafy outer suburb, far from and above the grime of the centre.
    Having said that, I lived in the city proper and I never had any problems with the pollution. In fact, I didn't even notice it. Things have improved dramaticaly in recent years. Are your sources current?
  3. The EA has its positives and negatives.

    As for pollution, The E is on a hillside high above the city centre and thus is above most of the pollution most of the time. There have still been occasions in recent years though where outside playtimes/breaks, P.E. etc have been cancelled because of pollution alerts.

    Sidinz is right. The pollution situation in the city is a LOT better now than it was a decade ago, but ime is still significant and you may well get eye/nose/throat issues during bad periods.

    Eevn if the school is out of the majority of the pollution, most teachers live "down the hill" in the midst of it all.

    If you want to know more specific stuff about the school, ask away...
  4. Masfar

    Masfar New commenter

    GG is probably the best school in Mexico. Great kids, facilities and the best pay for teachers from abroad- It is pretty out of the city though which can be a bit of a pain if you want to enjoy the delights D.F. has to offer (many!). The EA is out towards the east of the city which is a bit rougher if you need to live near the school but closer to the centre but the staff seem friendly and capable. The pollution can be pretty bad (especially if you are asthmatic) but you get used to it pretty quickly and to be honest, I find the altitude takes more getting used to.

    The pay for teachers here is ridiculously low if you compare it to what you make in the UK but ut goes a long way here. You can travel around and eat out a few times week and STILL save money. I adore it here, I´m glad I came. If you have any qs in particular just let me know!
  5. But then, most new teachers only use the school houses for their first year and take up the accommodation allowance and move somewhere more central in susequent years.
  6. Less of an issue at the E as "school houses" don't really exist so much and the school has tended to have a range of recommended places both up near the school and down in San Angel and Coyoacan (two pleasant and lively Southern suburbs). Some teachers may choose to move even further into the centre after a while to places like La Condesa and so on might use local property agents.

    D.F. is huge, really huge, and travel from one bit to another can be very time consuming. Traffic is routinely appalling. BUT the metrobus and underground are both pretty good for covering distance quickly. That said, many teachers would rarely leave there quarter of the city, no real need to.

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