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Methods of assessment - ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by TeachWrightUK, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    does anyone have any good examples of ways in which ICT is assessed in their schools - specifically in a Primary setting?

    We are looking at the way that we assess ICT at the moment and want to move away from the rather painstaking, and ultimately not especially useful, system that we currently have. At the moment we have a spreadsheet for each child with several tabs. Each tab contains a list of 'key skills' associated with a particular area of ICT e.g. word processing, control, accessing information etc. We then tick each skill as it is 'achieved' - the spreadsheets are then passed up the school with each teacher adding more ticks as an when appropriate.

    Unfortunately this obviously encourages a (literally!) box ticking approach to the teaching of ICT. I want to move towards something that is simpler and quicker because ultimately that will mean that it is actually used for formative assessment and planning rather than being frantically filled in at the end of term in order to please SMT. I have looked at APP methods, 'I can statements' etc but so far nothing that I have seen has really 'ticked all the boxes' (sorry!).

    Anybody seen anything that works and is consistently used?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. We use Yacapaca for baseline and summative testing. There is some good material avaialble and it's all free! It even lets you know their level, which questions they got right etc. Used in conjunction with teacher evaluation of ICT capability I've found it to be reliable and accurate.

  3. I too have moved from OCR to WJEC as of this Term and those stats have made me worry a little. After a huge amount failing AS last year on the OCR spec I was hoping to turn around better grades with WJEC after hearing good things.

    Going to drill this theory into them even harder now!

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