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Metamorphosis SOW

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Miss Small, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Miss Small

    Miss Small New commenter

    I am trying to find resources on Metamorphosis, as i start teaching it in September. Does anyone have any current or old SOW i could look at?

  2. There is a brilliant one in an old copy to TEACHING DRAMA. If you don't have access to the magazine (it's a great investment) i can copy it for you if you let me know your school address!
  3. i've got one that i wrote to fit unit 1 on the edexcel AS. If you leave an email adderss i'll forward that over to you :)
  4. could i have a copy to. I'll trade you for my Our Country's Good scheme for AS edexcel if you'd like a copy.

    thanks my email address is icklestarryangel@hotmail.com
  5. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Please think twice before copying resources which are in TD magazine for people who don't subscribe.
    Firstly - the resources are copyright; the copyright is waived for the subscriber. If one person subscribes and copies schemes / articles for a group of people outside the purchasing institution, then obviously income is lost to the publisher. This will result in either the cover price going up, the magazine getting thinner (i.e. less money to pay contributors like me!) or ceasing publication.
    It's not terrifically expensive (about £75 per annum) and I posted a discount method of subscribing not long ago. https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/310396/4485933.aspx#4485933
    No offence intended to anyone concerned.

  6. Miss Small

    Miss Small New commenter

  7. No offence taken Clive and point taken! I made the offer without thinking... it is a resource that is deffo worth subscribing to ...
  8. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Thank you, Miss Nave.
    AS you know, I wrote an article for the magazine about copyright. If you didn't see it, I could photocopy it for you......
    (Ironic smiley not available)
  9. I do subscribe to the magazine but don't have an old copy with this SoW in. Could you please send a copy and I will be really grateful.
    my address is fearnehough_g(at)intst(dot)net
    Thanks very much
  10. Would it be possible for me to have a copy of this scheme of work too please? My e-mail adress is holliejm@fsmail.net. Many thanks.
  11. please could I be cheeky and jump on the bandwagon too? I subscribe to the magazine but only recently so don't have any old copies... Many thanks!!

  12. me too, please? Ditto the above.


    Many thanks in advance!
  13. I have a record of work that I use for unit 1 AS Edexcel but would love to have a look at the scheme in teaching drama. I too have not long joined so if anyone knows what magazine it was in, I will contact Rhinegold and ask if they have any back dated issues I could buy. I love the script and would love any other resources anyone may have. Willing to swap with anyone. I feel It's good practice and great to see what other drama pros are approaching the script.
  14. Hello,
    Would it be ok for you to send me a copy too? I'd love to see it- I'm an NQT and would appreciate the help.
    my email is sdl.fuller@googlemail.com
    Thank You!

  15. Hi everyone,
    The Metamorphosis scheme you've all bee ntalking about appeared in the Teaching Drama Spring 2 2006/7 issue.
    If you call up our sales team (0207 333 1720) they will be more than happy to sell you back issues of and Teaching Drama that you might have missed.
    If ever you need to know which issue a particular scheme was in - or if you need to know if we have run a scheme on a topic or play you are intersted in, please call me on 0207 333 1745 or email me on claudine@rhinegold .co.uk and I'll be able to let you know.
    I'll be writing again in a few months to let you know about our new website which is on its way, but it will be a great resource for schemes, as they will soon be available online for TD subscribers with a fully-searchable index.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    Claudine Nightingale
    Editor, Teaching Drama
  16. Angelina219

    Angelina219 New commenter

    I ve just this minute phoned them and they told me that they are moving into a new warehouse and old issues have been pulped and they no longer have this issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has a copy would they let me have acopy of the SOW on metamorphosis?
    my email is angie1760@msn.com

  17. Apologies - I have discovered this scheme is in fact in Spring 2 2005/6.

    I'm looking into Angie's comments about the back issues, and will report back!

    All best wishes,
  18. would you be happy to send me a copy ? I am a teacher in a school in Dorking, Surrey, and I am about to teach it in September.


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