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MEST1- results 2011- cross platform case-study

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by mcmrbt, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. The problem I'd have with your approach is that all your students are studying the same thing. They're supposed to work independently in producing their own case study. The examiner would then not be reading the same examples over and over again. I would stick to using X Factor as an example case study, but get the student to do their own on another or related topic.
  2. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    I agree that it does sound as though your students aren't able to show the individual engagement which the new spec rewards, in that they are all perhaps reliant on the information you've given them, rather than researching any of their own. Is the examiner seeing response after response of very similar answers, (examiners mark a whole centre at a time) using the same examples of only the one text (X-Factor) - clearly therefore teacher-taught rather than student led?
    Also though, you say that you study X-factor as part of documentary, but it sounds as though your students have only responded with one product, this particular reality TV show. I would expect students to have a wide range of products <u>within</u> this case-study you've chosen to focus on - Documentary and Hybrid forms - ideally at least 2 more texts across the 3 platforms, with loads of specific examples which they can draw on in the exam. I would consider X-Factor as one <u>product </u>(in this case a Hybrid form of documentary) as part a larger case-study, rather than a case-study in itself. Other, student-research products could include, for example, Strictly Come Dancing (institution / audience / cross-platform promotion compared to X-Factor etc. etc.); Big Brother etc. But also what about more traditional documentaries? David Attenborough's reverential, hands-off approach to wildlife vs. Steve Irwing's exciting, hands-on way of producing natural world documentaries. For students who are interested in wildlife, perhaps envisage a career in some form of animal welfare, this might really interest them. I always try to encourage students to go with their own interests - if they're avid America's Next Top Model fans then they could look at that, etc. etc.
    There is support on Mediaedu for this, if you are a member, but I do hope that this helps you to see where you could help students to improve. Also, look at the examiner's report on the AQA website - always useful advice there to see where marks are / aren't awarded!
    I hope this helps.

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