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Message from IfL

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cariadwch, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    <h3>8. What happens if a member doesn&rsquo;t renew membership or pay the subscription?</h3>I thaink that question 8 should be reworded:
    8. What happens if (as is likely) 80,000 members do not renew membership or pay the subscription?
    Its a funny thing this IfL, a body that states its function is to reassure parents and students that FE and post 14 teachers are qualified professionals, when no such organisation exists for school teachers. An organisation set up by politicians (who are no more than enthusiastic amateurs with no professional qualification needed for their role) to ensure that qualified professionals really are professionals.
  2. <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="post"><u><h3>1. When will members be required to pay fees and how much will they be?</h3>IFL answer to question 1.
    </u>"The new subscription rates will be introduced on 1 April 2011, with members being invited to renew their membership and pay the appropriate fee from early February 2011. "

    Great, it's always nice to get an invite!

    <h3>8. What happens if a member doesn&rsquo;t renew membership or pay the subscription?</h3><u>IFL answer to question 8.</u>
    Colleges covered by the 2007 further education regulations and learning providers with Skills Funding Agency contracts are bound to employ only members of IfL in full or associate teaching and training roles.

    That's not so nice! So I am cordially invited to join a supposedly independent professional body, but if I don't join the IFL will force me into unemployment via the 2007 Further Education Regulations. This kind of threatening behaviour does not sound very professional to me. The claim that the IFL is an independent professional body also appears to be dishonest as it is so clearly tied in with regulations created by the previous hopeless government.
    The IFL is simply an unnecessary bureacratic organization that adds cost and wastes time.
    It is totally out of tune with the current reality of FE: budget cuts, less non-contact time for lecturers (resulting in less time for planning and ensuring quality), pay freezes, insecure jobs, hourly paid jobs, zero hours contracts, deteriorating planning and a very uncertain future.
    Now is the time time for cutting waste, bureacracy, unnecessary administration, stupid ideas, educational fashions and management incompetence. The IFL needs to go and we need to return to common sense mangement and no nonsense high quality teaching without all the nonsense from IFL, OFSTED, quangos, educational consultants, research bodies, etc.

  3. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    Has the IfL ever canvassed its members opinion on this reality? has it ever consulted with its membership on what the IfL membership's response should be to the government's cuts to FE, EMA, enrichment, etc? Has it ever put out a press release that is critical of government policy? Does it any shape or form represent the opinion of its membership and stand up for the what the majority of the membership want?
    Don't pay, it doesn't represent you, nor does it stand up for you.
  4. I've replied to consultations on the Wolf Review, teacher training, funding and the EMA - I suppose you have to be bothered to engage though, rather than sit back and whinge.
  5. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    I recall filling in an IfL survey last year and there is another survey about the Wolf Review at the moment. is that what you mean by engagement?

  6. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Why is the IFL staying and the GTC going? My total experience of the IFL is that it is not fit for purpose. I have never seen it representing us in the media, its web site and information have been confusing and as for Reflect -- what an unhelpful, non-transparent and unneccessary software tool.
    And now they are charging us to do our jobs.
  7. I wonder if the any of the unions are considering legal action? Is this private company entitled to charge us fees? Was this the purpose envisaged by the enabling statute (Education Act 2002)? Would it be possible to judically review the relevant provisions of the Further Education Teachers' Qualifications Regulations 2007?
  8. We have always been charged fee by IfL.
    The only difference is that from this year - as we were told would happen eventually - the tab is now being picked up by us not the govt.

    My only question is why is it not still the &pound;30 a year I vaguely remember it having nominally been for the last 4 years??
  9. The job of attending to our needs is becoming ever more onerous, I should imagine.
  10. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Of course, you paid if you didn't have any work.
    Brilliant logic on the part of the IfL. Colleges employed unqualified staff and so the qualified lecturers who had done their degrees and PGCE FE and additional other specialist teaching qualifications ended up on the dole.
    It was, and probably still is, either pay up out of your jobseekers allowance or you aren't a member of the IfL - which is great when you get the college job application form stating you have to be a member of the IfL to work there.
    The IfL won't take a &pound;2.00 a fortnight payment out of your jobseekers allowance. They want the money all at once.
    With the rise in fees this means the cost is more than a full week's jobseekers allowance.
    The IfL: middle class people who have no concept of what it is like to try to live on jobseekers allowance.
    And you're paying their salary.
    Put them on the dole as soon as possible.
    Refuse the IfL and close down this empty vessel.
    No one can say the IfL do anything for the F E lecturer.
    Their standards are a joke.
    Reflect is like something a child would do. It's the boy scout model designed by numpties.
  11. I hate to say it but I warned about all of this and received only silence in return. Wait until your mandatory CPD hours increase. I am still not an IfL member and never will be and, yes, I am still trying to leave FE as soon as a suitable option comes my way. I am sick to death of the government's attitude. I am part-time and I already have to pay for my CRB check, which needs renewing much more often than for full-time teachers, and I am teaching adults! If they think I can and will pay to join an institute I fell out with in the beginning, on my pathetic part-time hourly-paid income - then the IfL can swivel!!
  12. Pobble - the 30 GBP per annum was a concessionary fee for the government.

  13. Only half the story Jude. You usually do better than that!
    I don't disagree with the rest you post - but sadly my political scruples end when the bills fall due and I won't be taking much of a stand on this one!Especially as, in principle I agree with the need for an IfL, maybe just not in this incarnation!
    I remember robust discussions, dros! But again don't disagree. But at least the CRB situation is changing - supposedly to your benefit - remember not to hold your breath!
    And I know the gov got a discount - I just wanted to say that out loud, on the off chance that any IfL bod is reading and thought we had not noticed that &pound;68 is not a discount compared to the previous amount they got!


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