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Message asking when I will return to work.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Supplygirl111, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Supplygirl111

    Supplygirl111 New commenter

    I've had a message (a message all supply staff from my agency would have received) asking to respond with when i would be happy to return to work - June or Sept.
    The email we had said those who say June will still be furloughed on days not working.
    I'm from Wales and schoools in Wales open on a phased return June 29th so not sure whether to put July 1st?
  2. gingerhobo48

    gingerhobo48 Star commenter

    I was just wondering this myself. I am currently on furlough but haven't heard anything from my consultant. I have just emailed him funnily enough:). I read that my furlough is meant to end at the end of this month so I don't know when or if I will be hearing from my agency(I do daily supply).
  3. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Good Afternoon Supplygirl, may I ask what would happen if you say 'No' and said you would go for September, also what would happen, if as other people have raised you are called into school for just 1 day and that's it, are you back on furlough or on the dole. If they go back into schools on the 29th June, then the school would only be open for two weeks, before it closes for the summer holidays, so the amount of work would be virtually non-existent.

    Also what safeguarding have they put into place to protect you? Because the NEU have said they must ensure your safety and that the school is safe to go back into, because there was a case in Leicester, in which parents with students attending a primary school were advised to go into isolation as a teacher was deemed to have Covid-19. I would advice you seek answers and guidance before you make a decision
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  4. Supplygirl111

    Supplygirl111 New commenter

    Hi, Wales have extended their term by 1 week so when children go back they will have 4 weeks. However only 1/3 of the school can be in at most and I think they're leaving it up to the school to decide. I'm guessing, like England, each school will have different strategy and some may decide to stick with just key worker children or 1 other year groupif they don't have the space;

    We had an email from agency the other day (mass email sent to everyone) basically saying that we will still be furloughed in July even if we can't work for July.
    It also said that if we do want to be available when schools reopen, then we will still be furloughed the days we are not working;

    At least that's what I got from the email;
    I hope other agencies follow suit!
    I'm one of the lucky ones who's agency has been very great with their furlough scheme.

    Tbh i'm not expecting work until schools fully reopen as I can't imagine schools needing supply when only some of the pupils are in since I presume most schools will probably still be working on a rotation-basis.
    But who knows :confused:
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  5. gingerhobo48

    gingerhobo48 Star commenter

    I heard from my consultant who said he was hoping they would continue to furlough into July but obviously didn’t know what was happening.He said there wouldn’t be any daily work( he felt) for a while.I tend to agree.

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