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Mess up by last school meaning extension for induction year!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by emp1982, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. hey everyone,

    Just after a bit of advice really. I started at a new school in January and should be completing my induction year by Easter. I successfully completed my last two terms at a previous school and had positive assessments.
    Coming into the new school the Head has told me that she and the LEA have looked at my paperwork and because the previous school hasn't specifically written the standards that my evidence is linked to that I cannot possibly pass this final term without an extension.
    Basically the assessments say what I have been doing and I have ntoes written against most of ths standards to show what experience I have of the relevant standard. I was told by my previous mentor that this was fine. The new LEA NQT advisor says that there are no clear C21 etc next to the sentences in the assessment and the notes do not count.
    I am livid as I worked my backside off for my first two terms and was told that I will pass to complete my year.
    My new mentor ( the head ) has gone through all my assessments and higlighted the ones that she thinks I have completed and there are loads that she says she hasnt seen evidence for. ( she does not take my notes/talking about experience as evidence)The thing is the child protection standard has not been highlighted and I have had a wealth of experience of from my previous school but this wasn't put into my assessment as there was alot of other experiences written in there so my previous mentor just said to write notes next to the standard. I could talk about every standard and the experiences I have had to meet those standards but it is not written down in a formal way. My previous mentor said that by reading through my notes and signing my assessment form she sees that as completed.

    I am calling my union tomorrow to ask their advice as I don't want an extension when I have worked so hard for it!

    Any advice would be very welcomed.


  2. Can't you speak to the last HT about it and see if they can help at all? If they can verify that you have met those standards, then I can't see why there would be a problem.

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