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Merseyside & Cheshire GTP 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Julie2801, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Has anyone been accepted onto the Merseyside & Cheshire GTP for September 2011? I've just heard I've got a place! I'm excited, scared and shocked all at the same time and would love to hear from anyone else!

  2. Hey,
    I got a place too!!!!! Im in shock, can't believe it!!! Are you going to the training induction on the 8th July?
  3. Hi Katie,
    Yes I am! So I will see you there. I've got to tell my current school now that I'm leaving! Are you at a school in Maccesfield? I have received the wrong school in my letter/pack and it is for someone called Kate in a school in Maccesfield?
  4. Hi guys im on it too for primary although looking for a school to cater me now I know ive definately got on. HOw did u approach the schools ur being based in?
  5. Hi,
    I wrote to all the schools in the area sending my CV etc and then rang them a week later. I really struggled to find a school and I'm still having problems over funding! It was really hard going but you have to be positive and very determined. What area are you looking in? I'm in Cheshire East although I currently work in Lancashire. Are you going to the induction day in July?
  6. Oh no I was hoping once a place with merseyside and cheshire, and a school had been gained things would be a little less stressful! I live in Newton le willows, so looking in the st helens, warrington, liverpool area. Which school in cheshire east will u be at? Im originally from that area so can always try around there if desperate! I feel like ive celebrated prematurely now! School im based at as a ta have tried to accommodate me but cant provide the extra funding needed. Working full time school hours deems it so hard to contact heads and time really is running out with half term next week - Arrrrgggghhh! When did u secure ur support school? Determination is definately the name of the game!
  7. Wahoooo im sorted!!Got a super school, cant wait now, wish we knew more about our routines, dates, assignments etc! Just sorted out our 3rd bedroom into a study is all the prep ive done so far x
  8. Congratulations! Ive only just got back from holiday, in my current school we don't go back until Monday. How did you find your new school? I'm still waiting to hear back from my school. I'm going to have to get into overdrive next week! I'm panicked now! x

  9. Hey all,
    A little late to this party but just wanted to say that I am on the MandC GTP starting in Sept...how is everyone getting on with these pre-course tasks?!
  10. Hi,
    Its never too late! Ive done some reading (not much!), got the info from my new school and am in the process of doing my statement. Feeling really excited and nervous now though!
    What about you? How are you getting on? Are you Primary or Secondary?
  11. I've done my statement and a bit of reading (need to save up for them books though!!) but haven't annotated that behaviour list.
    Back in school for inset on Friday so I suppose I should make a start!

    P.S. Primary - a male doing Early Years, whatever next??
  12. I havent annotated it either. I'm in school Friday too for INSET.
    Im in year 3/4 in a school in Lymm. Where are you?
    I think it will be great for Early years to have a male role model!
    Good luck for next week and see you a week on Friday!
  13. I'm at Glazebury so same authority [​IMG]

    I'm just getting ready for an early night!!!

    See you next week
  14. Evening All,
    Hope your inset day went ok if you had one and you're not on here on a Friday night scouring for resources or looking at what school shoes teachers are buying!!
    Just wondered how everyone was getting on with the reading list - not so much in terms of how much you have read but in terms of buying the books? I've managed to pick up a couple on ebay but some seem very expensive.
    Anyone up for sharing and saving some pennies?
  15. Inset day went really well. The staff seem really nice and all work as part of a team - which is great compared to my last school! How was yours?
    Im holding off buying any books at the moment but would be willing to join a 'GTP Library' and buy and share. It might be worth asking last years GTPers if they have any they no longer need - they seemed like a helpful group and it might be worth a try.....
    See you Friday

  16. ARRRRhh got that sunday evening feeling now!!! SO excited but yet so much to learn! Glad inset went well and your school have good vibes julie. Just out of curiosity - how did you get on with the Initial Indication of strengths? I keep doing a bit at a time, but do wonder and worry if im doing it right/wrong!! I get very frustrated as my personal statement was so long and I spend so long cutting decent parts out of it, and now im trying to elaborate and elongate it into the Q standrds sections and wish I'd saved the rediculously long one! Mine is now a few pages long and seems like a real load of boasting (which I believed was important in the PS to actually get on the course and show my skills and understanding) but I dont want to give my SBT the wrong idea that I think I have lots of experience/am good at everything, as I am hoping to get the opportunity to work on my weaker areas also this year. Does that make sense?
    I have to admit I did have a gander at the shoes posts - silver lining and all that!!
    I hope the buddy system gets up and running with last years group as I know that would really help me, and they did seem like a happy excitable bunch, where we must have looked like little rabbits in headlights! I have bought a couple of the books that the girls from last year sat next to me recommended, and luckily my sister did a PGCE so has passed aload of books down to me - to be fair I think we could read all the books in the world but we will learn so much more from being in school. Ive done the annotating and read some of the articles suggested. Just the Initial indication of strengths stressing me out......and the 6.30am alarm call for the rest of my life!!!
    Looking forward to re grouping and seeing everyone on friday, getting down to some real business hopefully.
  17. Yes I feel the same - worried that I sound to good to be true! Ive tried to be honest and mine is a few pages long too! I based it on my personal statement and looked at the standards BUT I still havent done the annotating and that is stressing me!! Will speak to my SBT tommorrow if we get chance.
    See you Friday ( I will be the one looking pale and even more stressed!!)

  18. No annotating from me either!
    It's been a funny week but its nice to be back in school really - I'm quite looking forward to Friday/Monday cause I think I'll feel a bit better when i know a bit more about the GTP this year and when things are going to happen or are expected etc.

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