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Menopause city ..home for the bewildered and sleepless

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lamaddalena, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. The only comfort in this thread is that there are so many women going through the same thing! Still pretty tough though. Any one else get the irrational nerves, I feel like I'm going for an interview every day and it's driving me crazy. HRT is graet for the hot flushes but this anxiety seems to have started since being on it. I have a patch, Fem Seven Conti, thinking of stopping it and seeing if the flushes return and the shakes stop!!
  2. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Gosh, nerves, terror, tears - I have just had day 3 of an icy/snowy 38 mile drive to school and feel like I'm having the biggest exam or interview of my life. I didn't used to feel like this - I was princess confident like Queen of fuss+bother - I worry about absolutely everything (except when we visit our grown up kids and then I only think about them - maybe to have another baby is the answer??!!)
    Thanks for this thread, I'm very sad and have no-one to talk to about peri/meno and don't have a lady Dr., so this thread is great. Bit scared of HRT as even the Pill gave me funny side effects. I try a few natural things - most recent is Melatonin - took required dose last night and slept for 3 hours, awake for 3 then drifted back to sleep an hour before the alarm!
  3. impis

    impis New commenter

    ***!! Are you MAD?!! Tie yourself down for ANOTHER 18 years at least? OMG I think i'd die if i got pregnant now. My mom often relates the tale of a neighbour, years ago, who thought her periods had stopped due to menopause [at the age of 54], only to discover, a few months later, that she was expecting twins! That idea fills me with horror! [and I like babies as much as the next woman].
    Strangely, I'm sleeping better the last couple of weeks. Mind you, i've changed my diet somewhat - joined a slimming club, bought Paul Mckenna's weightloss cd, and have lost half a stone. Mostly sleeping like a baby at the moment [touch wood] after weeks of waking in absolute agony with all my joints hurting.
    I want to ask - what counts as a period? [or what doesn't count'] How light does it have to be before its not a period?
    My maternal grandmother [aged 100, and still going strong] took a very long time going through the menopause and used to excuse everything, saying "its my time of life, you know". She got away with using that excuse for around 10 years. My paternal grandmother, and my MIL too - they didn't seem to have any symptoms at all. Their periods just suddenly stopped, and that was that. Nothing else changed.
    I hope i take after my paternal granny.

  4. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Yep, me too.
    My symptoms have subsided. Thank-god. It's very unnerving though - was that it?

  5. I don't think my body's up to a pregnancy. Since I had the youngest Lillet I;ve had a boob operation that cut through the duct so wonder where the milk would end up (urgghh) and a midriff slash for gallbladder removal. Wouldn't want it to pop open under the strain. Thyroid's packed up, back's already not good and varicose vein so bad it's being stripped at half term!
    I don't know if I'd feel more sorry for myself or the foetus.
    Mind, I couldn't be sleeping any less.
  6. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    I was joking! But the baby days were my happiest........a wee yearn does me good!
  7. I have dropped so many hints about grandchildren! None of them is remotely interested!
  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    They'll be like the buses - you wait ages for one, then they all come at once.
  9. I'll be clapped out by then! Come on everybody! Arrange your lives to suit ME!
    Rach05 likes this.
  10. Well I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the melatonin. That's next on my list !
    Ahhhhhh babies or should I say grandchildren.
  11. Got the grandson, he's sleeping and looking gorgeous at the moment.
    Trouble is, I've only had him since 4 o,clock and i'm bloody knackered.
    I need some energy from somewhere.
    Any chance I'll find some before 6am?
  12. Yehbut remember when you had your own from 4 a.m.???
    Not any more or less knackered! Just 30 yrs younger!
  13. Both mine together weren't as hard work as this little man is.
    He is absolutely adorable though.
    It's just soooo hard when you feel crappy most of the time.
    I always seem to feel like I'm waiting to feel better.
  14. I have finally found out what's happening to me. Its called "menopausal insomnia". One in 4 (taken from an ad though) will experience this.
    So that's ok. Now all I need to find out is how long menopause lasts?
  15. How long is a piece of string? Ten years from peri menopause to the menopause isn't unheard of! Sorry.
  16. Oh shucks Dipsue. I know exactly what you mean by "waiting to feel better" because it's what I've been doing too. My date for feeling better is Easter because I have the op at half term and can theoretically press for HRT thereafter. I thought I'd give it a few weeks to kick in so.... Easter.
    What if I don't feel any better? What if this is as good as it gets for years and years?
  17. My apptointment is for the 9th.
    That'swhen I get my HRT so hope to feel better soon after that.
    Will let you know.
    Does anyone how quickly HRT works?
    Hope it's not weeks.
    I'm hoping it's pretty much instant.
  18. I'm not a bearer of good news on this one, however, the HRT won't kick in straight away. I can't quite remember for me but the main reason I went on it was for hot flushes, and it does work for those. I thought about when I went on the pill all those years ago, and were told that you had to wait for 14 days for it to be safe. I presume that's how long it took for the hormones to be active? Good Luck.
  19. I understand it clobbers the hot flushes pretty quickly but in my case at least there's the aches and pains, the inability to concentrate, the lack of interest in sex and the panicky stuff that's all got a lot worse since my periods stopped. I'm hoping it's not all just a coincidence!
  20. I'm not saying my memory's bad, but if I go upstairs I have a pee just in case that's what I went for.
    Always have to go twice to get what I'd really gone for.

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