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Menopause city ..home for the bewildered and sleepless

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lamaddalena, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Urghhhh. I had one of those and didn't need it but.....ulcers are serious things and it would be worth having it checked out asap. You might need the PPI, even for now, but if ulcers can be ruled out other things could be looked into.

    Dipsue - I'm sorry that you feel so awful. Hopefully some answers soon?
  2. I did suggest he just hand over the antibiotics and Omeprazole but he said he couldn't because he has to rule out cancer first. So that's nice :)
    It did give me an excuse to eat like a gannet for a fortnight just to prove that I am not losing weight without trying. I put plenty on!
  3. Well, its good that your dr is thinking about doing things that way round; mine did the opposite and it lead to more problems than it needed to. The oft quoted NICE has guidelines for prescripton of PPI and the scheduling of tests but the latter may have significant waiting times if the case is regarded as non-urgent.
  4. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    Well, that's interesting about the gastric disturbances. I have been having terrible bouts of diahorrea(sp?) lately. So much so that I now keep a packet of imodium in my handbag and I'm almost scared to eat when I'm out! I had no idea it could be a sympton of the menopause!
  5. Yes you can definitely have menopause without hot flushes. I've been menopausal for around 4 years and have only just started with hot flushes. I've suffered badly with adrenalin rushes and my G.P. insisted they were hot flushes - now know she's definitely wrong 'cos I've got both.
  6. Have just returned from doctor's on another matter. Mentioned that I was getting very little sleep and would be asking for HRT after my op. He looked faintly shocked and said that HRT isn't a supermarket product and menopause isn't an illness. He would have to carefully weigh up risks and benefits! And in my case, all other things (hey, apart from the duodenal ulcer, bad back, low neutrophils and varicose vein) being normal, he can see no reason why it would be considered a necessary measure.
    Hmmmph he's not the only GP in Leeds.
  7. Lil, go back and ask if he feels the same when he's peeled your fingers from round his throat.
    I got my period last night, it's like a flaming dam bursting.
    Feel better but knackered, just what you need on what's probably the busiest week of the year.
  8. Is your GP usually so sympathetic Lily? I would say quality of life is the issue here. Many of us are well informed of risks associated with HRT and would like to be involved in making such decisions. Honestly I wonder if a female doctor could make such a comment!
  9. This is the man (very young) who when examining my abdomen, spotted my gall bladder scar (8" slash across my midriff) and exclaimed "Good God! Is that how they used to do it?"
  10. Get a female doctor. *** what do men know about female problems?
    Still have to say I'm much better off HRT except of course the hot flushes on the hour every hour, night and day [​IMG]
    Someone said it was much colder ? Nope can't say I've noticed
  11. Had a good night last night, only had to get up for the 02.19 one. Mr L is delighted that the central heating thermostat can be turned so low. Son2 comnplains constantly that it's freezing and wants a reduction in his rent!
  12. It's minus 5 here on top of the pennines and starting to snow - like you, I'm feeling quite comfortable - well, have to admit to having been alittle chilly as I trailed 10 miles over the moors to collect daughter 3 from the boyfriend's house. A personal question, hope you don't mind, when you have a hot flush do you sweat/perspire/glow? I just get really hot to the point where the heat must be really radiating off me, particularly my head and neck. Is this how it affects other people?
  13. I'm loving the cold weather!
    I get to the point where depending on the time of day I have to throw off the duvet or take my clothes off. Only the top half fortunately.
  14. Gildyson, I hardly ever sweat. Apart from after a particularly vigorous workout at the gym, which I haven't done for eight years, I seldom sweat, perspire or glow in even the warmest weather.
    A hot flush though - I wake up awash with sweat. I have sweaty armpits, under my bust is soaking, I have a river running down my cleavage and my forehead is so sweaty my hair is stuck to it. The rest of me is not affected. The mattress is bloody boiling.
    If I feel one coming on during the day, I can rip my clothes off, spray with water (I carry it with me) and fan furiously, and it doesn't often get to the soaking stage. But if I;m asleep when it starts, it's too late. By the time I'm awake, it;s pretty much over.
  15. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Oh dear, just read through this thread and see my hot flushes are nowt! No feeling of dread, or sweat, just a thoroughly unpleasant tingling. However they did wake me up on the hour every hour from 2.00a.m. onwards. I couldn't hold down a full-time teaching post and not sleep, so I went to my very sympathetic (female) GP. Had the full MOT and fortunately have an excellent health profile (no cancer in rels, low pressure, good cholesterol), and went on HRT. Sorted. She recommends occasional holidays to see how things are progressing. I did this and was fine for two weeks, and then the flushes returned day AND night, whereas night flushes had been my only intrusive symptom before. Back to the pills. wish you well, lily, and hope you get a result.
  16. Thanks. I'm sure there will be a doctor at that practice who isn't male and two years out of medical school.
  17. Well have you got HRT yet Lil? You may have to try several until you find one that suits. Who'd be a female! I found it made my fibroids worse so gave it up. Now what would I rather have ? Heavy continous bleeding or continous hot flushes and no sleep? Not a lot in it really[​IMG]
  18. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    OMIGOD I've had hot flushes every half hour today. I can't cope with this.
  19. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

  20. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Lol ty! 'Tis nice to be back!

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