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Menopause city ..home for the bewildered and sleepless

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lamaddalena, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Psycho fits me perfectly I'm afraid.
  2. I've been on HRT for two years now, I have a patch which I really like because I don't feel I'm popping pills all the time. The one thing it really helps is the hot flushes, I was having about 20 a day and was exhausted. What I'm now going through is this irrational anxiety, have started an NVQ4 and just come out all trembly just thinking about the next module!! Is that anything to do with the menopause?
  3. Oh what? I am placing all my expectations of HRT into making me feel COMPLETELY NORMAL AGAIN!!!!!
  4. Hi, re coming out all trembly. Does your blood pressure go up at the same time? I started having feeling of 'adrenaline rush' a bit like butterflies in your stomach only much more so. It made me all trembly too. My blood pressure was spiking very high at the same time which can be dangerous. Can you check it?
  5. I get that at the start of a hot flush. It's much like a panic attack, except that now I know what it is, it's more "meh".
  6. I remember the adrenaline rush before a hot flush and the HRT really helped that. However I now seem to be feeling nervous or anxious and I'm not too sure what I'm anxious about!
  7. Me too. I find I am taking things personally that I know rationally not to be the case. Knowing it rationally makes no difference.
  8. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    Hi girls
    when does all this start? I'm 50 and been dying for the menopause to see an end to period misery! After reading this thread I'm not keen. I know I am menopausal because my periods have gone haywire. I never know what to expect. I haven't had any other symptoms yet though. Although I have been very grunpy and short tempered lately. The poor kids at school never know what sort of mood they are going to find me in! I read somewhere that lots of exercise helps. Anyone back up that theory?
  9. Hi, if your periods are already going haywire and you've not had any symptoms then you are extremely lucky. Most symptoms apparently come in peri-menopause which is the bit before your periods actually stop. In the last four years I've had hives for six months -G.P. said menopause. Collapsed arches in my feet - agony - Rheumatoid consultant said menopause had triggered it along with other things. Violent headaches - G.P. said menopause. Spiked blood pressure alongside adrenalin rushes - G.P. said - wait for it - menopause. After a really bad week of adrenalin rushes and blood pressure highs alongside v. stressful week at work I then had a heart attack - I said it was caused by menopause - consultant cardiac specialist said - well - we can't find anything else, you never know. (apparently this is really uncommon so don't worry).
    I am really looking forward to getting through menopause - I've now had 4 years of it - my G.P. said, kindly, some people have symptoms for 20 years. AAAAAGG!!
  10. I haven't had a period since September 17th. This lot all kicked off in October. To think I longed for the menopause and no periods!
  11. Well you know what they say - beware of what you wish for 'cos you may get it! Never mind, there's always the old age pension to look forward to.
  12. Which in my case will be about 48p a week!
  13. Exercise?

    No means nothing to me?
  14. Re symptoms also watch out for...

    gastric 'disturbances' and rashes/ezcema
    I really wish someone explained the peri-m stuff....I thought I was turning into a hypocondriac.
  15. correct spelling - hypochondriac.
  16. Gastric disturbances, eh? I have a gut like a beachball and it's full of toxic gas.
    Is that what they mean?
  17. Have you seen the menopause support forum. Put powersurge into google. It's an american website but really helpful if you get strange symptoms you're not sure about.
    Plus - if you need cheering u p - look at the early years section of this forum on the 'nativity play' thread - it's hysterical.
  18. It can included the over/under production of digestive juices and motility problems (esp stomach/upper intestinal tract. It would be interesting to know when people started buying antacids or having to visit the dr for proton pump inhibitors (PPI) such as omeprazole.
  19. How odd you should say that - I was at my GP's just a couple of months ago with what he thinks is a duodenal ulcer, although I am putting off having an endoscopy.
  20. Missed a period July, had two 25 day cycles am a week late.
    Bloated to the size of a house, have kids and some staff walking a mile to avoid me but two blood tests this year say I,m not menopausal.
    Going back to quack next week, hope fingers round throat will convince him.
    And I only turned fifty end of November but feel sodding ninety.


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