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Memorizing is NOT Learning - Kids Learn How To Learn At Drama Rainbow of Beijing

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by DramaRainbow, May 22, 2011.

  1. We all know that Chinese students are no.1 in the world for passing
    tests - its what they do best. However, research at both Beijing Normal
    and Tsinghua Universities have proven that these same students "forget"
    about 80% of what they "learned" within 60 days of being tested on that
    particular subject matter. So when a Chinese kid graduates
    from primary or high school with high marks, they actually only recall
    about 20% of what they were taught!
    This is education? Not!

    Yes, we all know why it is this way - fierce competition for college
    admissions focuses all education efforts only on test scores. But
    do we really want these kids growing up to become human tape recorders
    with limited storage capacity - with no practical training on how to
    actually use all that data they memorized?
    Not at Drama
    Rainbow which tries to recruit young students 3-8 years of age to teach
    them how to think creatively before they become programmed by a primary
    school to memorize for one test after another.

    Every week I give presentations to curious and concerned mothers who
    share the same fears. I explain to them that how a child thinks is more
    important than what they think. Learning to learn - creatively is priority no. 1 at Drama Rainbow, and we do it the proven British way - with creativity training called "Drama In Education" or "DiE" for short. Child psychologists all over the world agree on the following key points:

    1. Children develop their core personality and thinking patterns before age 8 and then become programmed

    2. Children learn more effectively by actually doing than by just receiving information

    3. Children learn more and quicker if the learning environment is fun

    4. Children under age 8 learn 200% faster than adults

    5. Knowledge retention is more important than total knowledge received

    6. Memorizing is not learning

    7. Thinking patterns become habitual after age 8 and difficult to change

    8. Children learn best when they can see direct results of their efforts

    Drama in Education incorporates all of these principals and teaches
    real-life lessons and creative thinking by immersing young students into
    imaginary stories as key characters who have to play an interactive
    role in that story. Each story told by a veteran DiE Drama teacher contains a problem that needs to be solved by the kids and only the kids.
    They solve the problem by invoking their imagination for solutions
    after they identify the cause and effect of the particular problem (the
    basis of logic). Many kids learn by trial and error, and the Drama
    Rainbow teachers allow the students to make both good and bad choices,
    so they can learn from both - first hand.

    Once solved, the problem teaches a real life lesson even though the
    kids experienced it in the safety of the imaginary story. It is better
    for the children to learn and practice in the imaginary world rather
    than in the real one. Lessons taught focus on such topics as honesty,
    family loyalty, community responsibility, compromise, the environment,
    empathy, self-respect, etc. and when the kids solve their own problems,
    they have an epiphany as they realize the power of their own minds. So
    as each week passes and the imaginary problems become more complex and
    difficult, their levels of self-confidence grow and grow as they solve
    these problems. Eventually after one year of training, these kids no
    longer fear problems, but embrace them as a challenge that can be
    overcome with the power of their own creative mind!

    This is why and how Drama Rainbow has grown into one of the most
    popular weekend spots for kids, who come by the dozens every weekend to
    tackle problems for two hours. They pick their own roles to play in very
    unusual but realistic stories told in very dramatic ways by skilled
    international teachers taught by the U.K. experts and child
    psychologists as well. Kids think they are playing and have no clue they
    are actually attending a class. Some don't even want to go home after
    class and beg for another story.

    Drama in Education is not
    an experiment. Although it is new to China (brought to Beijing in
    2008), it has a proven track record of success in the U.K. and Europe
    for over 27 years. Six million kids have completed the program since
    1975 including the children of European leaders. It is so popular and
    effective that DiE training is now mandatory in U.K. kindergartens.

    Einstein once professed that "Imagination is more important than knowledge in life".
    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Li Ke Sheng, and Warren Buffet agree. Do you?
    If so, you are welcome to bring your child for a free creativity
    evaluation and demo class to Drama Rainbow most any weekend
    (appointments required). If you don't agree with the mad professor,
    consider this... Ideas
    cannot happen without imagination. And imagination is not possible
    without a creative mind that relies on independent analysis and thought -
    not the memorization of raw data.

    As parents, we all have the same problem - we only get to
    raise our kids one time. If we screw up we do not get a second chance to
    rewind our lives with a "do - over".
    This is why parenting is
    the most important job we will ever hold as adults. The choices we make
    for our kids can really determine how they think for the rest of their
    lives. Our choices will determine whether they merely survive or thrive
    when they face the real struggles of life as adults. Creative thought is
    probably the best and most productive habit anyone can have, and Drama
    Rainbow develops this habitual creativity in only one year of great fun
    for kids.

    In closing, I leave you with a question that will be the crux of another forum discussion... What is the best gift we can ever give our kids as parents?
    Money? A house? University tuition? No. The best gift we can give our
    children is confidence. The confidence to think for themselves, the
    confidence to disagree and challenge others, and the confidence to make
    their own choices. Confident kids grow up to become happy and successful
    adults. Research at Cambridge and UCLA proves this beyond any doubt. So
    although this may sound like a sales pitch for Drama Rainbow, it is
    actually the truth. From one parent to another, I hope you take the time
    to teach your own kids how to learn and not memorize. Drama Rainbow is
    always ready to help you, even if you cannot afford to enroll or do not
    have the time to attend. Just visit the web site at www.DramaRainbow.com or schedule a free creativity evaluation for your child.

    The learning process is like every other - a journey that begins with
    a single step. Memorization needs to be buried in the ancient crypts of
    the emperors. It has no place in any modern school today - in China or
    elsewhere. Hopefully you agree? If not you may want to check out these




  2. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I have to admit to not reading the whole post as it was so long, but it does read like an advert. Maybe it should have been posted in the Marketplace.
  3. JEH

    JEH New commenter

  4. I'll eat your shoes if you can find anything that is not true in the above article. We are proud to be bringing creativityto Chinese kids but do not claim to have a monopoly on creativity. We support any and all organizations that can bring China out of their copy-cat culture that is deeply embedded in their way of life. Since 2008, their most respected leader, Premier Wen Jiaboa has been saying: "China does not need more money. China does not need more factories. China does not need more teachers. What China really needs more of is creativty." We agree, and we invested 3 years and over a million dollars of our own money to get the ball rolling. Both the kids and their parent have embraced the Drama In Education teaching concept. If this creativity training catches on, there will be less and less IP law suits at the World Court every year, and we will be even prouder for taking this huge risk.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    No one is disputing what you are saying just that you are breaking terms and conditions by posting your advertisement here and not in marketplace.
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.
    Albert Einstein

  7. As China is soon to be the planet's economic superpower it would probably be best not to dismiss their education system out of hand. Personally I'd put my faith in the Chinese rather than some silly new age drama garbage backed by lots of dodgy research.
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Perhaps as DramaRainbow is in China they may know a little about the system SOAPy?
    Have you visited China and looked at the system? As DramaRainbow says there is no individuality or creativity with everyone doing exactly the same thing at the same time which is perfect if your aim is to produce a compliant workforce

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