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Membership of professional bodies

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lil_jo, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone! There is a section titled this on an application form I am attempting to fill out but I don't understand what sort of things should go here. Does it mean the GTC? But then surely thats a given? If anyone could help me out i'd appreciate it.

    Oh ps i'm a primary pgce student of that helps
  2. Some such things as Association of Teachers of Mathematics and National Primary Headteachers' Association.
    As an NQT, they don't expect you to belong to any, so leave it blank.
  3. Hi
    As Alec notes, there are subject professional bodies which may be specific to education and there are professional bodies associated with some professions e.g. chartered science teachers, or you may have chartered status with another body (some career changers will find this relevant). In some ways the GTC is a professional body as it regulates teaching and you have to me registered with them to be able to teach so that needn't necessarily go down.
    There is no expectation to be a member of a professional body.
  4. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    But if you have a subject specialism then it is likely to be a very good idea to join the relevant professional association. I know that, as a primary teacher you are likely to teach most subjects, but many primary teachers have a subject specialism either because they studied that subject at university or have responsibility for the subject within school.
    For example, if maths is your specialism then you could join either the MA [www.m-a.org.uk], or ATM [www.atm.org.uk]. They provide journals, resources, etc.
    This isn't something that you need to worry about at the moment, but because many of the organisations offer reduced cost membership for students they are worth looking into when you get time.
  5. Thank you that's much clearer! I am actually specialising in maths so I will have a look at that i'm sure it will be really useful!
  6. linitfc

    linitfc New commenter

    I was told by my school I needed to join SET or I would not get paid full QTS rate even though I had produced my QTS certificate. Can they do this? Do I have to be a member of SET?

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