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meetings same week as parents evening

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by iku00106, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. iku00106

    iku00106 New commenter

    Hello from a teacher is discovering their militent side, can anyone tell me if there is any official condition that prescribes what should happen to after school meetings on the same week as parents evening? We now have one the same day as parents evening, meetings finish at 4 followed by parents evening at half 4. This does not seem very fair to me, I love parents evening but at the same time spending some time at home with the children is equally important.
    thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. Providing all the meetings are included in the school's Directed Time Budget you will just have to accept the situation.
    As far as working to rule is concerned, this only applies to NASUWT members.
  3. But as this isn't a rule, how can it be working to rule.
    As far as I can see there are no "rules" about this in STPC.
    NUT says an average of one meeting per week over the year and no more than 2 in a week.
  4. NUT can say what it likes. Its pronouncments have no legal standing. 1265 still rules.

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