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'meet the teacher' - organisation?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by jel65, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hi we've just done our meet the teacher meeting this week!
    We'd already had a welcome meeting in June, stay and play sessions and a individual 'getting to know you'meeting last term - but thought a meet the teacher during the first weeks tends to clarify things once the children are in school as there's such a lot of information.

    Our format was - all FS parents met in the hall for a half hour meeting where we outlined the EYFS curric and how the school teaches reading. Also clarifying arrangements for pick-up times, when children are ill, our policy on medicines, school dates for the coming term etc

    We then split into our two FS classes for meeting the teacher where we ran through our morning routines, what to put in PE bags, PE days, how to use contact books, school dinners, healthy lunchboxes, snacktimes, parent helpers in class and how parents can support us at home etc

    I really don't enjoy the formal presentation in the hall as it seems such a large audience but the classroom presentation is a lot more relaxed. Hope there's a few useful ideas here and that yours goes well.

  2. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    Thank you, lots of useful ideas!
    I don't like large formal audiences either, always get a dry mouth and wobbly knees!!

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