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Medieval Castles...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by TEACHER16, May 9, 2011.

  1. TEACHER16

    TEACHER16 New commenter

    I am looking for fun ideas to add to my own to teach this topic. I have lots but I feel I need more to help me decorate the classroom as awell as my self. I am specifically needing help to make wall panels...what have you used in the past to make these look as real as possible? Thanks in advance.
  2. smallschool

    smallschool New commenter

    I was lucky enough to have had a new washing machine and fridge freezer when I did a castles theme, which a group painted stone grey in class, the TA then pencilled the actual stones which were painted by the classes choice of artist. We then had canopied thrones, a table set with wooden bowls/trenchers, and a spit that turned a plastic chicken made from a coat hanger. I kept a box stocked with scrolls that the children made as a class at the begining of the topic (stained with teabags and gold edges) which were great for proclamations and decrees, and excellent writing meant they could embellish it with a ribon and a 'seal' which was the school stamp 'borrowed' from the office. My lower KS2 still talk about when we had a castle.

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