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Medicine GCSE Help!

Discussion in 'History' started by Sammi_Watts, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Sammi_Watts

    Sammi_Watts New commenter

    I wonder if any body is able to help?
    We are currently delivering the AQA spec to our current year 11 and year 10 students but have just been 'handed' a group of 18 year 11 students who have NEVER studied history and have been told to deliver the History GCSE (FULL course) to them in less than a year. They are all low ability (which is why they hadn't been studying any of the ebacc) but now I have to find something for them to do.
    I have opted for Medicine, Germany and coursework for the AQA Spec A - since I think within the time I MIGHT be able to get something out of them. Have been working on coursework since before Christmas and now going to start medicine, but I have literally no resources. Have started making some myself but have little time to be going through the resources on here, so I was wondering if anybody had a bank of lessons they would so very kindly donate!?!
    Also have to deal with one of my staff going on maternity at Easter and the other is an NQT I cannot burden any further. THIS would be SO SO VERY greatly received!
    Thank you

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